The Bashkir State University was founded in 1957 on the basis of the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute named after K. A. Timiryazev. The University is actually the legal successor of the Ufa Teachers’ Training Institute (est. 1918) — the first higher education institution in the Republic of Bashkortostan, which in 1920 was transformed into the Institute of Public Education and later into the Pedagogical Institute. Today this major scientific, educational and cultural center of the Republic ranks among the top ten classical universities of the Russian Federation.

At various phases of its history the University employed outstanding Russian and Bashkortostani scientists and scholars: Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences N. N. Bogolyubov: mathematicians, Corresponding Members of the USSR Academy of Sciences A. F. Leontyev and A. M. Ilyin, Professors L. I. Rubinshtein,

A. B. Shabat, S. I. Pinchuk; linguistics and literature specialists, Professors D. G. Kiyekbayev, L. G. Barag, V. I. Baranov, A. N. Kireyev, I. P. Raspopov, N. F. Cheremisina, Assistant Professor Z. Sh. Shakirov; historians, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences R. G. Kuzeyev, Professors Sh. Kh. Chanbarisov and I. S. Kisselgof; biochemist, Academician of the All-Union Agriculture Academy named after Lenin V. G. Konarev; botanists, Professors Yu. Z. Kulaghin and G. V. Zabluda; physiologist, Professor A. S. Dmitriyev; physicist, Professor M. M. Farztdinov; chemists Professors Ye. F. Zhuravlyov and Yu. V. Svetkin; geologist, Professor D. G. Ozhiganov and others.

The formation of the school of Turkic studies was greatly affected by the works of the Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences N. K. Dmitriyev — author of the first academic grammar of the Bashkir language. Major influence upon the development of Bashkortostani learning and education was exerted by great scholars, scientists and cultural workers of the Ukraine, who were active in Ufa during WWII: M. F. Rylski, P. G. Tychina, A. Ye. Korneichuk, L. A. Bulakhovski.
Great has been their contribution into the creation of schools along topical directions of humanities and sciences, this contribution enabling to solve the task of training national scientific and pedagogical personnel and ensure high standards of instruction and research.

The University currently employs about 1580 instructors, including 226 Doctors and 726 Candidates of Science. 42 Doctors have been elected Full Members and Corresponding Members of various academies.
More than 24,755 students are trained in 74 trades at the full-time department.
The University incorporates 15 departments in Ufa and 3 branches located in Sibai, Sterlitamak and Neftekamsk. Instruction is effected by 73 chairs.
The BSU provides postgraduate training in 58 specialties and doctorate training in 23, there being 13 academic boards for theses defense.
Science is represented by the R&D center, three problem and multi-branch laboratories, the R&D Institute for Sociology, the Bashkir Patent Center, the «Zaryad» experiment and design bureau focusing on building computer systems, measuring instruments and machine-tools for the engineering industry.
The University instructors annually issue 110 titles of monographs, textbooks and teaching aids.
The Bashkir University participates in international integration activities, cooperating on a contractual basis with universities in the USA, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Egypt, Hungary, Japan and China in the sphere of science and higher education.
The Bashkir University is a vibrantly growing institution. The transition is currently accomplished to a multi-level system of higher professional training. The high standard of theoretical and methodological background of the professor and instructor staff supported by academic traditions facilitates training highly-qualified specialists.

The University is justly proud of its graduates. More than 60,000 specialists have been trained here since 1957 thus contributing significantly to Bashkortostan’s intellectual potential. Widely known are the names of Heroes of Socialist Labour: People’s Poet of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Lenin Prize Winner Mustai Karim, People’s Teacher of the USSR Kh. Kh. lskandarova, Merited Teacher of the Republic of Bashkortostan L. Sh. Kamalova, Hero of the Soviet Union Zubai Utyagulov. More than athousand University graduates have been awarded honorary titles of the Russian Federation and those of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and 67 of them are members of the Writers’ Union of Russia.

Faculty of Mathematics and information Technologies

Institute of Physics and Technology

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

Institute of Economics, Finance and Business

Institute of History and Public Administration

Institute of Law

Faculty of Bashkir Philology, Oriental Studies and Journalism

Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology


he most typical lodging options for an international student in Russia are a university dormitory. 

International and out-of-town students are provided with dormitory places. Normally they are located on the campus or not far from the university. In most cases from 2 to 4 students share a room. In a typical dormitory room you will find writing desks, chairs, closets, bookshelves, beds and nightstands. University dormitories are normally equipped with shared kitchens, gyms, recreation rooms, canteens, and laundromats. There are also locker rooms and bicycle sheds available. A security service operates on the premises.

You are entitled to a place in the dormitory if you are: 


  • a full-time student, enrolled in main educational programmes (for the whole duration of the degree programme); 
  • a part-time student, enrolled in main educational programmes (during interim and final exams).



Ufa is one of the biggest cities in Russia, the capital of Bashkortostan Republic. It is one of the largest economic, cultural, sports, religious, and scientific centers of the country, an important transport hub, located about 1,340 km southeast of Moscow.

Places of interest in Ufa

The oldest surviving building in Ufa is a one-storey house located at October Revolution Street, 57/1. It belonged to Demidov, a famous owner of mines and metallurgical plants. The building was constructed in the mid-18th century. It is also famous because a great Russian commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov stayed in it.

The central office of the financial corporation “Uralsib” (Revolyutsionnaya Street, 41) is the tallest building in Ufa (100.5 meters).

The first large mosque in the city was constructed at Tukai Street in 1830.

In the outskirts of the city there is a system of 20 natural caves formed as a result of mining of gypsum.

Ufa museums and galleries

  • Bashkir State Art Museum named after Mikhail Nesterov (Gogolya Street, 27),
  • House-Museum of Vladimir Lenin (Dostoyevskogo Street, 78),
  • Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography (Karla Marksa Street, 6),
  • Museum of Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Lenina Street, 47),
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Bashkortostan named after Nail Lutfullin (Karla Marksa Street, 32),
  • National Literary Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Dostoyevskogo Street, 160),
  • National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Sovetskaya Street, 14),
  • Center for Contemporary Art “Clouds” (Bakalinskaya Street, 3),
  • Small Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Lenina Street, 43),
  • “Ural” Gallery (Lenina Street, 56) ets.

Ufa theaters and other cultural institutions

  • Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater (Lenina Street, 5a),
  • Bashkir Academic Drama Theater named after Mazhit Gafuri (Zaki Validi Street, 34),
  • Russian Academic Drama Theater of Bashkortostan (Oktyabrya Avenue, 79),
  • National Youth Theater named after Mustai Karim (Lenina Street, 62),
  • Ufa State Tatar Theater “Nur” (50 let USSR Street, 36) etc. 

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