Q: I want to study in Russia, what documents do I need?

A: In order to study in Russia, the following documents are required:
        • scanned copy of the main page of passport (or any ID document you have, for example, the Birth Certificate or ID card);
        • scanned copy of School Certificate with Transcripts;
        • filled Application Form;
        • Bachelor’s degree certificate (for PG courses).

Q:I do not have a passport, can I apply?

A:  Sure, for the application process you can also use any identity document like ID, Birth Certificate, Travel Certificate or other.

Q:What is an «Invitation Letter»?

A:The Invitation Letter is a document issued to a student when he or she plans to enroll to the University. The cost is 500 USD and is issued in electronic or physical form (University’s choice). Note that the Invitation Letter is intended for students only.

Q:Do Universities provide hostels/dorms for international students?

A:Yes, all Universities provide accomodation for international students. In case a University does not have a hostel/dorm or a student does not want living there, Russian Education Group help with looking for and renting an apartment.

Q:What are the facilities available in hostels?

A: All necessary facilities are included for a comfortable stay. The contents of hostel rooms usually include two to three beds (with blankets, pillows and bed sheet sets included), several desks, few wardrobes, chairs, up to 10 sockets, several lamps (ceiling and desk) and central heating. Stable high-speed Wi-Fi is provided to all people living in the hostel or studying at the university free of charge. Kitchens and bathrooms are offered on sharing basis

Hostels have their own gyms, cafeterias, laundry rooms and reading rooms.

Q:What are the food facilities?

A: Students are free to visit numerous cafeteria located within the universities and cities. The food usually has both mild and spicy flavor, comes in many forms (soup, spaghetti, salad, cutlets, rice and others), is cooked every day and is suitable for both vegetarians and those preferring meat food. For those preferring Halal food, they can visit such shops and restaurants around each city.
There are numerous restaurants with traditional dishes of different countries: Indian, Arabic, Chinese, African, European ets.
All the hostels are equipped with convenient kitchens for self-cooking, all the necessary products are available in local supermarkets.

Q: Is it safe to live in Russia?

A: Russia is a safe country with an extremely low crime rate. It is safe to live and walk around each city, since the police regularly roam the streets and public places for citizens’ security.
There are CCTV cameras operating within the hostel, university and city in general 24/7, and guards patrol its’ premises.
All the hostels are guarded by security guards, there are fire alarm system, card entrance system and surveillance cameras available to keep our students in healthy and safe environment.

Q: Is visa guaranteed?

A:The student visa is guaranteed to students who would like to study in Russia.

Q: How many students are there at the first year of study?

A:For the first study year there are relatively small groups of international students (8-12 people). Because of that, a lot of attention is given to each student.

Q:What is the living cost in Russia?

A:The living cost in Russia is relatively cheap compared to other European countries. In case a student would like to live in Moscow, the cost is around 500 USD per month, and for all other cities of the Russian Federation it is about 300 USD per month.

Q:Are there any exchange programs available?

A:Availability of exchange programs varies between Universities of Russia. Please note that  Russian Education Group does not provide any support on this matter.

Q:In what language are Russian Universities teaching?

A:For international students all major courses are available in English. Nevertheless, there is an option to study in Russian language.

Q:Is it compulsory to study the Preparatory Department?

A: There are no need in Preparatory Department if you are going to study in English Medium.
The Preparatory Department must be applied to in the following cases:
– in case a student wants to study Russian medium of instruction;
– if a student applies for a postgraduate course;
– in case a student has completed 10th grade of school only.

Q:When are the vacations?

A:Vacations for students are usually in summer and winter. The summer vacation is approximately one month (July-August), and the winter one is about two weeks (from 25th of December to 10-15th of January).

Q:How can I live and study in Russia if I do not know Russian language?

A:There are several factors why a student should not worry about the language barrier:
      1) all subjects are in English medium of instruction;
      2) Russia is an English-speaking country, and there are a lot of people who are fluent to speak English and ready to help you;
      3) Russian language is taught as a subject at all Russian universities;
      4) our representatives give all required guidance to international students.

Q:Are there any entrance exams?

A: No entrance exams are required if you want to enroll in a University through Russian Education Group.

Q: Can I work in my country/Russia after graduation from Russian University?

A:All degrees received at Russian Universities are recognized by numerous countries and organisations (the WHO, USMLE, MCI and others), so a student is eligible for employment upon graduation.

Q:Can I work while study period?

A:Students are free to look for a job and work part-time outside study hours. Please note that Russian Education Group do not assist with job search in any manner.

Q: Is there any age limit for applying?

A:Most Universities have no age restriction for students. Our managers will do their best to pick the institution most suitable for your needs.

Q: What are the marks restrictions?

A:Generally, no marks restrictions are present. On our part, our representatives will help to choose the University based on your previous performance.

Q:Can I pay my fees in installments?

A:Students are free to pay in two installments (per semester), but please note that the first year fee should be paid in full amount.

Q:I have been admitted to the Russian University, what luggage should I take?

A:Students who would like to study in Russia should not take a lot of luggage, because most goods can be bought locally or will be given out by corresponding parties. For example, in case of bedding, it is provided by hostels and most apartments; the food is quite cheap, so there is no need to bring it in big amounts with you. However, students should take the money in United States dollars so it is easier to exchange the money. Additionally, passport, school certificate, payment receipt and Invitation Letter must be brought in hand luggage.

Q:Where can I get a “student visa”?

A:Students are free to apply for the study visa after they receive the Invitation Letter from Federal Migration Service of Russia. Please note that the student visa can be obtained in any local Russian embassy (consulate).

Q:What are the weather conditions in Russia?

A:As Russia stretches across a vast area from south to north and from west to east, the climate varies in different parts of the country, with Siberia being a colder region compared to other ones. Winters are usually cold with average temperature of 0°C and down to -10°C for several weeks, and summers are up to 35°C.

Q:Are there any additional charges to pay on arrival?

A:Kindly note that our services are free of charge. The only expenses which are not including in the tuition fee are living-related expenses (food, transportation, leisure activities and other).

Q:Can my parents visit me in Russia?

A:Your parents are welcome to come with you and stay in Russia. Please note that the University is not responsible for the admission of travel visa, and they need to receive a corresponding type of visa (for example, travel visa).

Q:Whom should the student contact in Russia if he/she has any questions/problems?

A:We provide a personal supervisor whom you are free to contact by texting or calling in case of any questions.


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