Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) is a classical university in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation. It was founded in 1940 as the Karelian-Finnish University and was renamed in 1956. The rector of Petrozavodsk State University is Prof. Anatoly V. Voronin.
The university includes 10 faculties, 6 educational institutes, 79 departments, 84 laboratories, a number of development and project departments, 27 innovative departments, 28 small enterprises, 2 techno parks, a publishing house, a scientific library (one of the largest in northern European Russia, with more than 1,179,042 books), a botanical garden, and the “Onego” swimming pool. The faculties of PetrSU are located in 13 separate buildings scattered throughout the city.

PetrSU faculty numbers about 890 (105 doctors of science, 502 candidates of science, 66 professors, and 329 associate professors). More than 11,670 undergraduate and postgraduate students currently study at PetrSU.

PetrSU holds the top spot among Russian universities in the criteria of “internationalization” and the third spot in the promotion of the employment of its students and graduates. PetrSU has 92 international agreements with foreign universities, research organizations, and science-and-production companies in 30 countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Portugal, the UK, the United States, Canada, Belgium, the Republic of Korea, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltic states, and others). Various PetrSU programs have been in heavy demand from international students including short-term programs taught in English, semester-long programs, and exchange programs with partner universities taught in both Russian and English. More than 200 international students (mostly from Northern and Eastern Europe, the UK, the USA, and China) study at PetrSU annually. More than 250 students and staff of PetrSU visit foreign universities annually for reasons such as exchange programs, research, Erasmus Mundus internships, and FIRST, among others. PetrSU carries out about 30 international projects annually with the help of funding from the EU, EBRD, USAID, CRDF, IREX, DAAD, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and others.

PetrSU prepares enrollees for university entrance. Students have the opportunity to obtain bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist’s degrees in 13 fields of science and 63 licensed specialties. There is a wide range of areas for the preparation of doctoral theses and the training and retraining of specialists. At present there are 4 Dissertation Councils at the university.

PetrSU is ranked highly among large research centers in many fields including programming, information technology, plasma research, microelectronics, problems of timber, and building. Over 60 international, all-Russian, regional conferences, and seminars are held at PetrSU every year, and dozens of scientific monographs, textbooks, and manuals are published by its publishing house.

There are 16 departments offering a wide range of disciplines. The teaching and research activities of PetrSU are widely based, their focus being on social sciences, humanities, and polytechnic science.

PetrSU has a high status of large research center in the field of programming, information technologies, plasma research, microelectronics, mathematics, physics, medicine, biology, history, philology, political and social sciences, law, economy, timber industry, construction and agrotechnology, etc. PetrSU is the recognized leader in the field of information technologies among universities of Russia.

Academic degrees and diplomas awarded: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science.


The university comprises 9 faculties and 6 institutes:

      • Faculty of Agriculture
      • Faculty of Mining and Geology
      • Faculty of Mathematics and IT
      • Faculty of Physics and Technology
      • Faculty of Philology
      • Faculty of Ecology and Biology
      • Faculty of Economics
      • Faculty of Law
      • Preparatory Faculty
      • Institute of Foreign Languages
      • Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology
      • Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism
      • Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences
      • Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences
      • Institute of Medicine

Institutes of PetrSU

      • Regional institute of management, economy and law PetrSU
      • The Northern Fisheries Research Institute (SevNIIRH)
      • Karelian scientific research institute on timber industry complex
      • Research Institute of historical and theoretical problems in folk architecture
      • Institute of Environmental Management in the Northern Europe
      • Institute of High-Tech Biomedical Technologies
      • Institute of ICT and Nano-Technologies of PetrSU
      • Institute of Northern European Studies
      • Institute of Continuing Education of PetrSU


20 sports sections are supported by PetrSU including skiing, basketball, volleyball, football, futsal, track and field, orienteering, kettlebell lifting, chess, checkers, Go, sambo, judo, Wushu, aerobics, and tourism. Training exercises and competitions are held in three modern gyms, a stadium, a swimming pool, and on three modern skiing tracks. PetrSU has had a lot of success training athletes: over 15 years 65 masters of sports have been trained and 50 medals of the World and European Championships have been won.

The student tourist club “Sampo” is one of the leading tourist clubs among Russian universities and has a rich history.

International Сooperation 

PetrSU has concluded 107 cooperation agreements with 30 countries. The university runs academic exchange programs with 72 foreign universities. PetrSU has twenty years of experience teaching foreign students. More than 500 students from different countries of the world study at the university every year, and about 250 students of PetrSU undergo trainings in foreign universities under the programs Erasmus +, FIRST +, DAAD, Fulbright, North2North, Stipendium Hungaricum, etc. Every year PetrSU implements at least 30 international projects supported by international organizations. The university collaborates with UNESCO, the University of the Arctic, the Barents/Euro-Arctic Council of Education and Science, the National Council for Education of Finland.


The university has 10 dormitories, where international students live either with their compatriots or with Russian students. The dormitories are either in the vicinity of the academic buildings or in 15-20 minutes bus ride. Each room accommodates 2-3 people. The kitchens are on every floor. The kitchens are fitted with electric stoves. There is free access to Wi-Fi in the halls of the dormitories. It is possible to connect your room to the Internet.


The Scientific Library of PetrSU is one of the largest university libraries in Northwest Russia. The Library collection possesses over 2 million documents, including more than 280 thousand journals.
The Scientific Library of Petrozavodsk State University contains books in various fields of knowledge, fiction literature, books in 18 languages (including English, German, French, Swedish and Finnish), special editions, and rare books of the 16th – 19th centuries.
The Library collection is expanded in accordance with the research and education work of the University. Annually over 40 thousand new editions are added to the Library.
Rare book collection has unique hand-written and printed books, albums, journals, sheets, postcards, and currency notes. The collection numbers over 22 thousand books published before 1946.

The student union

The Student Union is the largest student organization of PetrSU. The students become members of the Union as soon as they enter the university. The Union is headed by the Student Union Committee. As it is challenging for a small team to work with 5000 students, the Union encourages the students who are the members of the Union to get involved in the work. The students learn about the activities of the Union through their Union leaders, information stands and PetrSU newspaper, as well as on the Internet.

The main activities of the Student Union

Protection of rights of the PetrSU students 
Any Union’s purpose is to protect the rights and the legitimate interests of its members, and so the Student Union renders legal support to the students. The Union operates in close cooperation with the administration of the university and monitors and suppresses any impairment of the students’ rights.

Organization of summer vacation for the students
PetrSU has its own summer Health Camp Shotozero, located 80 kilometers from Petrozavodsk in the pine wood on the shores of a lake, where the students can enjoy their summer holidays.

Organization of sports activities and leisure time of the students
Other important aspects of the work of the Student Union are sports and organization of leisure time of the students.

The Student Union takes part in the organization and holding public events, scientific conferences and other events for the students. It supports student art groups and studios working at the university. One of the recent projects of the Union is the establishment of student sports and health center that grants discounts to the members.

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