About St.-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies

 (MAPO) situated at 41 Kirochnaya Street. It was founded in 1885 as Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna’s Clinical Institute and renamed the Imperial Clinical Institute in 1896 to become the first advanced medical training institution in the world. It was renamed as the Soviet Institute for Advanced Medical Training in 1918, Soviet replaced by State in 1919, and named after S. M. Kirov in 1935. It was reorganised into the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies in 1993. 
Technology Search
ISTC Matchmaking support service presents a unique opportunity for Partners to expand their science cooperation with CIS and Georgian R&D organizations. We connect your technology interests with specialized expertise and specific skills of scientists and research institutes. A direct result of this activity is the establishment of science cooperation between Partner and CIS/Georgian scientists.

Project Management
Leveraging ISTC’s unique position in CIS for project management, industry partners are able to mitigate financial, technology delivery, and political risks particularly needed during initial business development.

Each Partner is assigned a Partner Projects Manager to serve as their main contact point through which all aspects of the Partner’s activities will be coordinated. This professional manager will assist Partners on such issues as project development, implementation and closing, communicating with CIS institutions, travel-related items, patent and contract issues, etc.

Commercialization Services

Innovation Initiatives
Advanced Matchmaking



Foreign nationals who are admitted to Saint Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies  for their 1st year of main educational programs are allocated places at Saint Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies halls of residence on the basis of a permit for allocation of a place in the halls.

Exchange students usually accommodated at the dormitory at Kapitanskaya street 3 in shared rooms for 2-3 people. Application for accommodation is included into the Student Exchange Program Application Form. No permit for allocation is necessary for the accepted exchange and freemover students.

Exchange and freemover students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and studying in Peterhof are accommodated at Saint Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies halls of residence in Peterhof.

About City

St. Petersburg is the most northern city with population exceeding one million, but, a coastal city, it has rather mild climate with winter temperatures normally no lower than -10ºC, and mid-summer temperatures varying between 20ºC and 25ºC.

The city has a well-developed metro system, and the University campus is located very close to four metro stations of the same metro line which makes it very easy and convenient for students to move around the city. In addition to the metro, there are trams, trolleybus, and bus lines near the university and, of course, taxi, including the popular Uber and Yandex taxi.

When in St. Petersburg, you can pay with your credit/debit card most everywhere, e.g., restaurants, cafes, shops, train stations, etc. However, private vendors might prefer cash. You can always use of the currency exchange bank offices which are easily available in every part of the city including nearby the campus.

You can read more about our city and its cultural and historical background in the Internet. If you have questions, please write to us and we will gladly answer your questions. We hope to see you in our wonderful city and our great university soon!

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