Stavropol State Medical University was founded in 1938. Since that time thousands of highly skilled specialists working all over the world were prepared at the University. Their successful career growth is the pride of our University. The University is situated in the large administrative, industrial, agricultural, scientific and cultural centre – the city of Stavropol which is considered a pearl of the South of Russia. Throughout several centuries the representatives of more than 100 nationalities with their original culture and traditions live there in peace and confidence. Nowadays, the University is one of the authoritative educational and scientific medical centres of our country. In 2010 all activity spheres of the University were licensed and the State Accreditation Certificate was received.

Our graduates work in different places of our country and abroad, they are the trademark of the University. Many of them head scientific research institutes, laboratories, faculties and higher school chairs.

The University has 75 chairs where 97 Doctors of Sciences, more than 300 Candidates of Sciences, 47 Honoured Physicians of the Russian Federation, 4 Honoured Scientists of the Russian Federation work. There are 7 faculties in the University where 4 500 Russian and foreign students from 33 countries of the world are trained. In 2011 in Stavropol State Medical University new lines for preparation of specialists are opened: defectology, biology, biotechnology, physical training for persons with health deviations, economics, social work.


he General Medicine Faculty

General Medicine is the field of medicine that covers the health problems of 18 year old persons and older, except dentistry. Variety of pathology, its variability under the influence of environmental factors and society lead to the revealing of new diseases that require a doctor’s expert knowledge and high skills.

The General Medicine Faculty is the oldest one at our university. The teaching of the speciality «General Medicine» at Stavropol State Medical University takes place in more than 40 departments. The academic process is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The teaching staff of the Faculty consists of 32 professors, 29 associate professors and 56 Candidates of Medical Sciences. The faculty is proud of its students. The overwhelming majority of doctors working in the Stavropol Region are the graduates of the General Medicine Faculty.

The course of study at the faculty is 6 years. During two years students master the humanitarian and medicobiological subjects. From the third course students begin to study clinical disciplines, such as Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases and General Surgery. Senior students study Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology, Traumatology, Dermatovenerology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Phthisiatry, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Clinical Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Physiotherapy. Every academic year, students of the General Medicine Faculty have Medical Practice. The graduates of the Faculty are awarded the qualification of «Physician » in speciality «General Medicine». They have the opportunity to get a specialization in any field of health service, except Dentistry.

The Faculty of Pediatrics

Pediatrics is the science about children, their development, and the morphological and functional maturation of the organism, specific responses to any external factors and diseases, which are specific to childhood. Pediatric service covers all childish population aged from birth to 18 years old. Unlike most other clinical specialties, a pediatrician must not only know and be able to treat children’s diseases, but to understand the regularities of formation of the child’s body; they must be able to recognize abnormalities in the development of a healthy child to prevent the diseases in time. In addition, a number of diseases are found only in childhood, so as a rule the doctors of the other specialties are not fully mastered the concepts and skills of their treatment.

The Faculty of Pediatrics of Stavropol State Medical University was opened in 1973. Annually more than 100 students are admitted to the first course.

Over 37 years of existence more than 3100 pediatricians have been prepared and issued at the Faculty. Within past five years about 15% of graduates from the Faculty have received the Diploma with Honours. The course of training at the Faculty lasts 6 years. The academic process is carried out in several stages. Humanitarian subjects such as Native History, Philosophy, Law, Economics, History of Medicine, Sociology, Political Science and medico-biological subjects including Biology, Human Anatomy, Histology, General, Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry, Microbiology, Normal and Pathological Physiology, Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacology are studied in the first three years. In the third year, students study Propaedeutics of Children Diseases, Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases, and General Surgery. Starting the fourth year, the academic process moves to the clinical departments located in hospitals and clinics.

Graduates of the Faculty acquire the qualification of «Pediatrician» and the possibility of further specialization in any field of health service.

The Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry is a branch of medicine studying the structure and functioning of the teeth, their illnesses, their methods of prevention and treatment, as well as diseases of the mouth, jaws and the border areas of the face and neck. There is no other field of medicine developing so rapidly as dentistry. Nowadays it became possible to recover even the very damaged teeth and to do their implantation, high-quality filling materials, modern tools for the treatment of teeth and bite correction came to life.

The Faculty of Dentistry of Stavropol State Medical University was founded in 1958. Within 50 years’ period of its existence there were prepared and issued to work more than 5 thousand of doctors. The bases of the faculty are equipped with modern facilities, specialized classrooms, which give all types of qualified dental care. The total area of academic, laboratory and clinical bases, attributable to one student is over 18 sq ms, which allows to provide each student with the workplace at special departments. The course of study at the Faculty is 5 years. During first two years students study humanitarian and medico biological disciplines. The second year students start studying Propedeutics of Dental Diseases. Within 3-5 courses the students gain knowledge in dental and clinical disciplines. Training takes place on the ground of the children and adults’ dental clinics of the University, of the city’s clinics and dental hospitals. Starting from the 2 year the students undergo the Medical Practice to obtain and consolidate practical skills.

Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry acquire the specialty of «Dentist» and the ability to pass the following specializations: Therapeutic Stomatology, Dentistry, Orthopedic Stomatology, Surgical Stomatology, Maxillofacial Surgery and Children Dentistry.

The Foreign Students’ Faculty

In 1961 Stavropol State Medical University started admitting international students and since that time more than 1200 physicians, residents and fellows from 77 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have graduated from the University.

Stavropol State Medical University is one of the few Russian medical universities recognized by the Medical Council of India. The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization which enables our graduates to hold a job in any country of the world after taking national examinations.

Our graduates work in different places of the world; they are the trademark of the Faculty. Many of them head scientific research institutes, laboratories, faculties and higher school chairs.

Nowadays, more than 500 foreign students from 33 countries of the world are trained at three faculties of the University: General Medicine, Pediatrics and Dentistry. There are the Preparatory Courses, the Faculty of Advanced Training for Doctors and the Professional Skill Improvement Faculty for teachers of medical schools and colleges. The Post Graduate Faculty, one of the largest in Russia, annually trains over 5000 physicians in 72 specialties.

Beginning from 2005, English-speaking foreign students are taught in English what enables them to begin studies without preliminary training at the Preparatory Courses. The training is carried out according to the curricula that are specially adapted to the national programs of foreign students and authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.

The foreign students are encouraged to participate in different research projects, working within the «Students and Young Researchers Society» showing their results at annual conferences and often winning prizes in all-Russian or international fora.

The University possesses all conditions necessary for successful acquiring of medical knowledge. The foreign students individually perform laboratory and clinical tests and take advantage of modern learning technologies. With transition to the general practitioners’ training, they spend more time in the outpatients’ departments where they get acquainted with the health care organization, see patients, learn emergency medicine and assist in various diagnostic procedures.

The Faculty of Pre-University Education, The Small Medical Academy

The medical profession has very strict and serious requirements for those who decided to devote their life to medicine. In addition, a huge amount of the educational material the medical students have to study from the very first days of school means that applicants must have strong and deep knowledge in core subjects.

The main task of the Faculty of Pre-University Education of Stavropol State Medical University is to help to the prospective applicants in their quest to become the students of the Medical University.

The main aspects of the Pre-University Education Faculty are preparing of the trainees according to the General State Examination programs, the organization of the Open Days for high school graduates, contests and quizzes, competitions, interaction with general region institutions, the coordination of all career oriented work at the University. The Small Medical Academy began its work since 2010. It was established according to the Academic Council decision. Training in the SMA gives an opportunity for 9-11 grade schoolchildren to become better acquainted with the medical profession and obtain the research work skills, to meet the prominent scientists and clinicians, to learn about the past and the future of medicine, to visit departments and museums of the University, to be adapted to the training conditions of the University. Training in the SMA is free of charge, except preparatory courses in general subjects.


The hostel number 2 was built in 1964, it has 3 floors of accommodation for foreign students for the period of their study. Students Accommodation is provided in double and triple rooms by corridor type. On the ground floor of the hostel placed administration of the hostel, dean office of Foreign students and Prophylactic University Center. The hostel has a reading room, every resident has access to the Internet from any room.

The hostel has a dining room. At the hostel for students provides an outdoor playground for sports.

Created conditions of life allow students to feel comfortable during the entire stay at the hostel and promote quality of university education.

About City

Stavropol (Stavropol-Kavkazsky in 1777-1935, Voroshilovsk in 1935-1943) is a city located in the south of Russia, 1,404 km south of Moscow, the capital of Stavropolsky krai. It is a cultural, business and industrial center of the region, one of the largest cities in the North Caucasus.
Stavropol experiences a humid subtropical climate, bordering an oceanic climate (Cfb) or, following the 0 °C isotherm, a humid continental climate (Dfa/Dfb), with short but cold winters (though mild for Russia) and hot summers. Precipitation is rather low, with a 562 millimeters annual average.
Stavropol has a theater and an association football team called FC Dynamo Stavropol.

The main educational institutions of the town include North-Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol State Agrarian University, and Stavropol State Medical University.

The area of Russia in which Stavropol resides is very mountainous, placing the city in the midst of the northern Caucasus mountain range. The city has one of the biggest city parks in Russia, ‘Victory Park’ covering up to 200 hectares.The city, like many other Russian cities has its own botanical garden, which covers up to 18 hectares, including 16 hectares of natural woods

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