Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov (BSTU) is one of 33 flagship universities in Russia. The universities that entered the national “Flagship University” program have a mission: to teach and train specialists for the regions in which they are located.
Owing to developing construction industry, Belgorod region requires not only introduction of new subjects, fields of studies, a large-scale application of project work and a technological upgrade of the material resources of teaching, but also the provision of multiprofessional training. It is necessary to train students with intersection knowledge, for example, “engineering + economy + information technology”. The BSTU graduates are both engineers with fundamental knowledge and leaders with economic and legal qualification, knowing foreign language.

BSTU, being a flagship university, has to change the direction of higher education development in engineering and technical disciplines in Belgorod region and become multifield university of an entrepreneurial type.

Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G.Shukhov (BSTU) is a unique higher educational institution in Russia. There are more than 65000 BSTU alumnus, who successfully work not only at the enterprises of the Russian Federation, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. Doctor of economic sciences, Professor S.N. Glagolev has been a rector of BSTU since 2010.

Students and teachers call it tenderly “Tekhnolog.” “Tekhnolog” has always been and remains the center of interest for technically gifted youth. The level of specialists training in V.G. Shukhov BSTU is highly appreciated by educational and scientific community. For many years University holds the first place among universities of the same rank. It is in the top 100 higher educational institutions in Russia. Many disciplines occupy leading positions in the ratings held by both the Ministry of Education and independent experts.

The university consists of 42 departments and 9 institutes: the Architectural Institute, the Engineering and Construction Institute, the Technological Equipment and Machinery Institute, the Institute of Power Engineering, Information Technology and Control Systems, Institute for Transport and Technology, the Institute of Economics and Management, the Chemical Technology Institute, and Institute of Master Degrees and Institute of Distance education.

Shukhov BSTU presents multi-level and multi-field education. There are 37 BA programmes, 11 Specialist Degree programmes, 27 MA programmes and 15 Doctoral programmes. There are different ways to study: full-time, part -time, including support by distance learning.

The studying process uses Interactive systems, distance access laboratories, distance learning courses, virtual learning environment are used during studying process. Lecture halls, scientific labs are provided with modern equipment.

The program of strategic development is successfully implemented in the university. It allows creating new units and to reorganize the existing one, to appreciably improve logistics, infrastructure and laboratory facilities of the university. “Technolog” has become a major scientific center, where representatives of other national educational institutions conduct their research.

Today 25,000 students, including about 1,500 international students from Europe, Asia and Latin America are studying in V.G. Shukhov BSTU. Belgorod State Technological University maintains partnership with a number of leading foreign universities.  BSTU teaches Russian as a foreign language and prepares foreign learners for studies. Some programmes give opportunity for its graduates to receive two diplomas.

Modern, well-equipped campus, where academic buildings, laboratories, research and production centre, university library, teachers residential buildings, dormitories, canteen, sport facilities  are located in close proximity. Great preventive and sanative health care services are provided, which includes a preventorium and a health center. The university has a recreation center, located on the bank of the Vorskla river in the Borisov district.

The university campus is a multiple winner of the national student dormitory competition. All nonresident students are provided with accommodation in comfortable rooms.

For many years BSTU pre-higher education training centre has been working, realizing a considerable amount of events and services: training courses for prospective students, competitions and partnership programs with “Sirius” educational centre.

The technical research library has the richest fund of books — more than 1.5 million copies, which are scientific, educational literature, references, technical standards documentation. The university digital library is rapidly developing. It already has more than 3000 titles of university digital publications. Access to Russian and international electronic educational databases is provided for teachers and students of the BSTU. More than 55,000 digital educational and scientific publications are available now.

Centre of professional adaptation and employment assistance was founded in the University to improve the efficiency of the graduates and their adaptation to modern socio-economic conditions. Highly experienced staff provides alumnus with information on available vacancies in the labor market, assist in CV writing, organize personal growth trainings, and publish students and alumnus CVs online.

A Recreational Centre is a hub of social and cultural life. There student can find creative teams, studios, different hobby groups to participate and join interesting events: parties, competitions, concerts, festivals, stand up shows and much more.

University has great sport facilities, available for students — the largest stadium, tennis courts, sport fields, swimming pools. The results of the diligent work of highly qualified and experienced trainers has been the success of BSTU students at the competitions of national and international levels. Champions of Russia, Europe, the world champions and winners of Olympic games study in the University.

Statesmen, reputable scientists who visited BSTU, believe that academic staff successfully fulfills the main task of teaching highly qualified specialists, who will be competitive and in demand not only in the modern Russian labor market but also abroad.

Bachelor programs


Design of the architectural space

Urban development


Computer studies

Information systems and technologies

Applied computer studies

Software Engineering

Heat power engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Production machines and equipment

Automation of industrial processes

Design of machine industries

Robotics technology

Chemical technology

Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology

Technospheric Security

Environmental engineering and water consumption

Land management and land registry

Materials Science and Materials Engineering

Transportation processes technology

Land transport and machine complexes

Operation of transport vehicles and machines

Measurements and Standards

Quality control

Management in technical systems

Technology of materials craft



Human Resource Management

Business Computer Studies


Applied and Decorative Arts and Folk Craft

Specialists programs

Special buildings design

Information security of automation system

Design of machines and technological complexes

Fire safety

Applied geodesics

Mining engineering

Land transport vehicles and machines

Railway, bridges and transport tunnel construction

Economic security

Master programs


  • Architectural engineering
  • Urban design


  • Theory and design of buildings
  • operation and reconstruction of buildings
  • Monitoring, operational reliability of housing and utilities sector and urban space
  • Theory and practice of organizational and technological solutions in construction industry
  • Engineering of building materials and constructions
  • Innovations and technology transfer
  • Functional composite materials for sustainable building
  • Functional building composite for 3D additive manufacturing
  • Wood processing technologies in construction
  • Nanosystem in building materials science
  • Urban planning and architectural concepts of accessible environment
  • Maintenance of microclimate system of buildings
  • Heat and gas supply of residential and industrial areas
  • Investment in construction industry
  • Budgeting in construction industry
  • Road construction materials science
  • Roads science

Computer studies

  • Software of intelligence system

Information systems and technologies

  • Development and maintenance of corporate information systems

Software engineering

  • Software development

Heat power engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

  • Electric power systems, electric networks and their modes, susceptibility and reliability
  • Electric actuator and automation of mechanisms and industries

Production machines and equipment

  • Development, surveying  of equipment and technological complexes of construction industries

Automation of industrial processes

Design of machine industries

Robotics technology

Chemical technology

  • Chemical technology of binders and composite materials
  • Chemical technology of glass and ceramics

Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology

  • Sustainable use of material and energy resources in the chemical technology of binders
  • Sustainable use of water resources in chemical technology, petrochemicals and biotechnology
  • Energy- and resource-saving processes of domestic and industrial waste recycling

Technospheric Security

  • Radiation and electromagnetic safety
  • Safety of technological and industrial processes
  • Industrial ecology and sustainable use of natural resources

Environmental engineering and water consumption

  • Environmental engineering and environment protection
  • Water consumption and wastewater treatment of housing and utilities sector and industries

Land transport and machine complexes

  • Lifting equipment, construction , road building machines and their equipment
  • Technological complexes for natural and technogenic materials recycling

Transportation processes technology

  • Organisation and safety of traffic

Operation of transport vehicles and machines

  • Transport vehicles, machines and equipment service

Measurements and Standards

Quality control

Management in technical systems


  • Nanostructured composites for building and special purposes


  • Business economics
  • Social politics
  • Industrial economy
  • Accounting and taxation of economic entities


  • Strategic management
  • Corporate management
  • International business


  • Bank management

Human resources

  • Personnel management of a commercial organization
  • Management of human resources of a firm, region, state

Housing and utilities infrastructure

  • Commercial activity and management in housing and utilities sector

Scientific and research centre

Scientific Research work and the introduction of its results are carried out by the BSTU Scientific and Research Works Centre which was organised by the order of the Rector of 26.12.96 #. 4/01 on the basis of research part of BSTASM.

The Scientific and Research Works Centre (SRWC) is a structural division of BSTU, carries out its activities according to the University Charter, normative documents, regulating the activities of the university and in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation the work plan of SRWC, BSTU are formulated for each academic year and approved by the Vice Rector for scientific activities of BSTU.

Main objects:

  • Organization and conduct of scientific research in the university;
  • Improving the quality of training specialists in attracting students to scientific work, the implementation of research results in the educational process;
  • Participation in the training of professionals and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification;
  • Development of the material basIs of scientific research;
  • Information maintenance of scientific research work, assistance to developers in patenting the elaborations and sale of licenses, know-how, etc.;
  • Participation in the organization of the implementation of scientific research results into production;
  • Assistance in the development of scientific and industrial activities.


For the widening of scientific and creative links and inclusion of talented youth in research activities in BSTU scientific conferences and seminars are organised.

About 200 events are held annually at the university. Among them are prominent International and all-Russian conferences and lectures as well as seminars of narrow thematic spheres of regional and higher educational institution levels.

Traditionally the following are organised:

  • International scientific and practical conferences (scientific lectures);
  • International conferences of young scientists, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates devoted to memory of the academician Shukhov V.G.;
  • International students’ forums;
  • Workshops in various thematic disciplines.

The main objectives and goals of organising scientific forums at the university are: the development of fundamental researches and innovative activities; the improvement of educational process; the introduction of lecturers, associate professors, postgraduate students and students to advanced technologies and equipment; the development of links with leading industrial enterprises.


V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University provides accommodation for everyone who is not considered a resident of Belgorod.

Student residential complex of V.G. Shukhov BSTU includes four dormitories located in the campus and one located in the city center. More than 3,000 students live in five dormitories of total area 14,454 m2. Undergraduate students live in rooms for 2–4 people, postgraduate students — room for 1–2 people.

All conditions for life, study and recreation are created. There are facilities for studying, healthcare, sports classes, and entertainment. There are a library and internet facilities, as well as clothes and shoes repair shop, laundry, sports equipment rental.  

Every dormitory of V.G. Shukhov BSTU has a canteen or a cafe, a grocery store. Moreover, there are confectionery and bakery, 2 swimming pools, shooting gallery, sports grounds for various sports within walking distance in the campus.

Parking facilities for bicycles and cars are provided on the territory of the dormitories. Dormitory No. 5 is equipped with a ramp for students with disabilities.

Students, who live in dormitories, elect members of the body of student self-administration, namely, the student council of dormitories or just Student Council. This council represents students’ interests and creates conditions for the self-actualization of the students’ potential, development of intellectual and creative abilities of youth. Furthermore, it maintains an exemplary way of student life and public order in dormitories.

The Council for Activities in dormitories, the Student Council, Deputy directors of institutes for activities in dormitories, Heads of sections and Administration of SRC “Technolog” perform educational work in dormitories as an integral part of the educational activities of the University. Cultural and educational work in dormitories is conducted in accordance with the plans of The Council for Activities in dormitories and the Student Council.

The Council for Activities in dormitories holds monthly meetings to organize educational activities. The main issues on the agenda of the Council meetings are preventive activities to ensure security, counterterrorism policy, drug abuse, corruption, smoking, and other antisocial behavior, as well as issues of cultural and educational work with students residing in dormitories.


The Council for Activities in dormitories and the Student Council have conducted a great amount of cultural and educational work. In the 2015–2016 academic year, more than 50 cultural and educational events took place in the dormitories of the university, such as musical events, lectures, competitions, sports competitions. There were meetings with interesting people, World War II veterans, and combatants, representatives of the specialized services: migration service, police, Federal Drug Control Service, health care, church.  Since 2015 the project “Weekend Tour”, initiated by Student Council, has been offering guided trips to the interesting and remarkable places of Belgorod to dormitory residents.

Student dormitories of V.G. Shukhov BSTU many times have become winners of national competitions. In March 2016 dormitory No. 5 took the 3rd place in the category “Best student dormitory of sectional type” in the national competition for the Best student dormitory.

Providing accommodation to the students of V.G. Shukhov BSTU

In accordance with the Regulation for the admission to V.G. Shukhov BSTU, non-resident students enrolled in the university for full-time education, funded by budgetary appropriations of the federal budget of the Russian Federation (hereinafter — publicly funded students), and applied for the full educational fees compensation  are provided with accommodation in the dormitories of V.G. Shukhov BSTU. Non-resident students enrolled for off-campus education are provided with accommodation for the exams period.

Student Cultural Center

Student Cultural Center is a cultural and educational hub for students.

The cultural work of the Student Cultural Center assists young people to adjust in the modern society, actualize their talents and opportunities, form proactive attitudes and will to participate in the socio-political life of the country and civil society. All necessary conditions are created for the patriotic and physical development of students, the fulfillment of their scientific, technical, creative, innovative potential.
You can find in the Student Cultural Center:

  • Creative teams;
  • Hobby clubs;
  • Amateur art of university institutions;
  • Student and public organizations;
  • Cultural events.

For self-actualization of students, The Student Cultural Center:

  • Create conditions for realization of creative potential of students;
  • Identify and support talented students;
  • Support initiatives of the students to create clubs and shared interest groups taking into account modern trends.

Cultural and leisure activities are based on work of creative teams and hobby clubs. There are 49 groups In the Student Cultural Center. Among all its creative teams, four have the honorary title “National amateur team” and two teams were awarded the title “Outstanding amateur team.” Five teams are the winners of the annual regional competition “Youth of Belgorodchina” in the fields of literature, professional and amateur art.

 Creative teams of Student Cultural Center represent with dignity the University at the local, regional, interregional, national and international competitions and festivals.

According to the results of 2017 the creative teams were awarded:

  • Grand Prix — 4;
  • Certificate of the winner — 1;
  • Certificate of the Golden Muse — 1;
  • Prizewinner of the 1st degree — 33;
  • Prizewinner of the 2nd degree — 12;
  • Special prize of 2nd degree — 2;
  • Prizewinner of the 3rd degree — 6;
  • Gratitude — 8;
  • A commemorative medal for loyalty to the youth creative work at the 25th Russian Festival “Russian Student Spring 2017” — 1.

Social and educational work in the Student Cultural Center of  BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is provided through various aspects and manifestations. It helps to solve one of the vital problems of our society, namely, the development of highly qualified professionals with the appropriate level of professional and general cultural knowledge.


The international social movement of innovators “Technopark of Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov ” (here in after Technopark BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov) Posted at April 10, 2012 for the implementation of international cooperation and integration of road users in the area of ​​research and development and innovation, as well as the implementation of intellectual activity results of the university scientists in industry and other sectors of the economy the Russian Federation and foreign states.

The objectives of the Technopark are:

  • The development of international cooperation between the VPO “Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov ” and members of the Movement in the field of innovation, the implementation of research and development and transfer of intellectual property.
  • Creating favorable conditions for the development of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship and mechanisms to attract investments in high-tech innovative projects implemented by members of the Movement.
  • Combining innovators University and other organizations to provide material, moral and legal support to protect their rights and professional interests. Providing wide range of assistance to the university and enterprises of all forms of ownership in the preparation of highly qualified personnel, fulfillment of their creative abilities in the implementation of R & D and technology transfer.
  • Accelerated industrial development of the results of research and development activities, development of new technologies, products and services and bring them to the consumer.
  • Involvement in innovation activities of young scientists from the number of students, graduate students, doctoral students and academic staff of universities, research institutes, organizations of all forms of property;
  • Creating an environment conducive to the development of innovative activity in a single educational and scientific-innovative university complex.
  • Assistance for the mutual transfer of technology from the university research sector to sector and industry partnership between the public and private sectors.
  • Assistance finding strategic partners for the departments and university institutes.
  • Formation of the cooperation programs between the members of the Movement and partners, containing concrete actions with fixed result.

To achieve these objectives Technopark following tasks:

  • Formation and development of innovation infrastructure created for the benefit of innovative enterprises, introducing the results of research, intellectual property and inventions of members of the Movement;
  • Creating and updating databases of members of the Movement and their partners in innovation in various regions of Russia and foreign countries.
  • The development of new forms of mutually beneficial partnership in the dipole “university-enterprise”.
  • Assistance in attracting to active business activities of the faculty, students and academic staff and the implementation of their ideas and projects.
  • Assistance in training and entrepreneurship training in the field of high technology, economics, management, marketing, raising the level of their professional, legal, economic and managerial knowledge. Participation in retraining and advanced training of the teaching staff and training of students in the profile of activity of innovative enterprises Technopark BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.
  • Formation of innovative proposals, scientific and technical projects and programs aimed at the creation of high technologies and competitive products, accelerate their implementation in production;
  • Enhancing scientific, technical and material base of educational and scientific laboratories of the university, facilitating the organization and improve the quality of the educational process and basic research.
  • Development of recommendations on improvement of the educational process, taking into account market demands innovation.
  • Maintaining the traditions of the University, strengthening its image and increasing the status of the university in the regional and international markets in the field of science and innovation system through: innovation and implementation of high-tech business proposals, graduate employment, advanced training of specialists.
  • Creation and development of collective forms of legal information and advertising service of the Movement members, providing them with advice and other kinds of assistance in their professional activities.
  • The union and the effective use of intellectual and professional potential of the Movement in the form of participation in conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, consultations and other activities.
  • Implementation of information and publishing activities on topical issues of life of the university and companies using a variety of media (publication of booklets, alumni memories, publication of articles, the exchange of information through electronic means of communication, and others.).
  • Implementation of charitable activities, to provide financial assistance to members of the Movement in the implementation of innovation, taking into account the interests of the Movement.
  • Establishing links between the authorities, business representatives and the university on the development of scientific and innovative integration and training of qualified specialists mechanisms.

To realize these goals and objectives of the Movement integrates methodical, scientific, human and informational potential of the Movement cooperates with state and municipal authorities, establishes partnerships with innovation-oriented businesses.

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