Chita State Medical University formerly known as Buryat state Medical institute established in 1932 and it is  center of Medical Education in Zabaykalsky Krai ( Russia). The University is accredited by Ministry of health of Russian Federation as well as Russian Ministry of Education for the teaching both Russian and International Students.
There are more than 292 well trained faculty and professors including 35 plus Doctors and 157 plus Associate Professor are employed in the University.
Chita State Medical University consists of 500 Researches, Teachers, technical, Academicians and Professors which make him one of the leading educational Research University in Siberia Region of Russia.

The University offers more than 46 majors and minors courses which covers the whole scope of modern classical education.

The University produces more than 300 doctors annually.

The University offers Degree in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and фDoctorate level.

CSMU is one of the largest medical research and educational centre in Russia.

The University having over 4000 beds in 8 various Hospitals including Specialized hospitals for oncology, tuberculosis, skin and STD.

Students from more than 80 countries are studying in this university specialty from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Zambia.

Chita State Medical University is recognized by WHO, ECFMG (USA)

MCI(INDIA), UK, and other major countries.

Research work is the main part of the curriculum in the University so that students can enhance their   learning skills during the MBBS program.

University having 40 departments, out of which 27 departments are clinical based and are known to be best clinic in the Chita City.

Till today CSMU has trained more than 20,000 professionals across 40 faculties.

The students are eligible for MCI-NEXT(INDIA), USMLE (USA) or PLAB (UK) exams after completing their studies from CSMU.

There are more than 3 millions of books are in stocks in its library which covers all aspects of human education system.


The University is famous for  its quality of Medical Education  which is offered in low price which distinguish  it from other countries .


Medical Faculty of the university has the following departments:

      • Department of surgical diseases,
      • Department of internal medicine,
      • Department of general practice-family medicine,
      • Department of general and clinical immunology and allergology,
      • Department of pediatrics,
      • Department of obstetrics and gynecology,
      • Department of pharmacy
      • Department of Higher Nursing Education
      • Department of hygiene and social medicine.
      • Department of Post Graduate Education.
      • Department of International Relations
      • Department of preventive Medicine
      • Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
      • Department of Hospital Surgery
      • Department of Hospital and Outpatient Therapy
      • Department of Clinical Pharmacology
      • Department of Radiology
      • Department of Normal Human Anatomy
      • Department of Physiology
      • Department of General Surgery
      • Department of Oncology
      • Department of Pathology with the sectional course
      • Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics
      • Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics
      • Department of Urology and Nephrology
      • Department of Therapy


There are more than 8 clinical bases aimed at training of students

Few of them are mention below:

      • Regional clinical hospital no 2
      • Municipal city clinical hospital number 1
      • Municipal city clinical hospital -1
      • Regional clinical hospital no. 1.
      • Municipal city clinical hospital number 2.
      • Railway clinical hospital of Orenburg station.
      • Polyclinic of municipal city clinical hospital number 5.



Medium of Study:

      • The Medium of Instruction is English and Russian both.
      • Indian students can opt for English Medium as a Medium of Instruction.


      • There are 2 Semesters in the academic year:
      • Autumn Semester — From September to January.
      • Spring Semester — From February to June.


          • Examinations are held at the end of both semesters.
          • 85% attendance are required to attend the examinations.


          • All students have their vacations twice in a year.
          • Summer vacations: July 1st to August 31st
          • Winter vacations: January 14th to February 7th .



          • There are 5 multi story Apartment to accommodate the students coming from different part of the world.
          • All the public transport routes are easily accessible to the most important destinations.
          • All hostels are equipped with attached toilet and kitchen.
          • 2 or 3 students can share one room.
          • All hostels are fully furnished with centrally heated air conditioned including Fridge, TV, study table, cot with mattress.
          • Separate blocks are allotted to boys & Girls.
          • Round the clock security with CCTV surveillance are provided both boys and girls.
          • 100 % hygiene is maintained in the kitchen as well as college including hostel premises to provide a conductive environment to the students.
          • Reading room, computer room, Recreation hall, Sports club and gym are available inside every building.




       University has a perfect surroundings for studies as well as leisure. Chita State Medical University has an Extra Curricular Department which includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, power lifting, chess, and mountain climbing classes. University organized a Summer Sport camp every year both for staff as well students which includes boat trips, picnic, sauna.

      Every year University organizes Cultural Festival in which students from various part of the word take part. There is separate community for each country which takes part in cultural festival organizes by University. The Indian Students Association celebrates indian festival like Eid, Diwali, Holi, Dussera, Baisakhi, Christmas, Gudi-padwa etc every year.

      University organized University level tournament for Indoor as well as Outdoor games which helps them for Holistic Personality Development of the students.

      There is sports and health-improving center, universal sports and training halls, table tennis, billiard, therapeutic physical training halls

      There is prayer Room for each Religion in the University Campus.

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