S.I. Georgievsky’s Medical Academy is a structural subdivision of the federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education “V.I. Vernadsky’s Crimean Federal University” established by the Federal Government Order (number 1465-r of 04.08.2014).
Educational activities are carried out on the grounds of the license № 1260 from 6 February 2015 that was issued for Federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education “V.I. Vernadsky’s Crimean Federal University” by Federal service on supervision in the education and science sphere.

University has created a continuing medical education model including:
      • pre-university training – preparatory department, preparatory courses;
      • five departments in training for doctors-specialists and pharmacists – 1st medical, 2nd medical, international medical, dental, pharmaceutical;
      • department of training medical employees of the highest qualification and additional professional education (APE) –educational programs for interns, residents, masters, refresher training and professional retraining.

38 out of 53 departments of the Academy study clinical medicine.
Specialists are trained by specialty programs: 31.05.01 “General Medicine”; 31.05.02 “Pediatrics”; 31.05.03 “Dentistry”; 33.05.01 “Pharmacy”.
Masters are trained by specialty 38.04.04 “State and municipal management”:
1. Master’s program “State management in the field of health protection”.
2. The Master’s program “Management of modern health organization (institution)”.
Academy’s traineeship consists of 32 licensed professions.
The university developed a comprehensive approach to organizational, scientific and methodological support of the educational process. Education level in Academy meets all requirements of modern medical institution by introducing educational films, molds, phantoms, diagnostic equipment in clinical departments and training center.
The high level of our students’ education is provided by a strong teaching staff: about 600 experts including 380 PhD and 99 Doctors of Sciences (academic title: Associate Professor – 202, Professor – 76).
Currently 4600 students are trained in Medical Academy (1660 – foreign citizens from 45 countries), 480 residents, 44 post-graduate, 86 masters (second higher education in state and municipal health management).


History of the Medical Academy goes back to the beginning of the 21st century: in 1918 it was medical faculty of Taurida University.
In 1931 it separated and became an autonomous unit – Crimea Medical Institute.
Since 1995 the higher school has been named in honor of Sergey Ivanovich Georgievsky (rector of the institute in 1951-1970).
In 1998 the higher school became a university with the 4th (highest) accreditation level.
Throughout these years the medical school has been a center for academic and vocational medical education and medical science in the Crimea at the same time offering specialized consultation in the directions General Medicine and Pharmacy.
Today it is an up-to-date educational institution upgrading itself to keep abreast of global trends in medical education and research, developing its intellectual potential and providing top specialists for medical services. The Academy has always been striving for excellence in teaching and research.
To enhance the quality of education the consecutive model of medical education has been created at the Academy: the preparatory department, preparatory courses and medical lyceum; 5 faculties to train doctors and a faculty of post-diploma education.
Junior specialists and bachelors are trained in the specialities: Nursing, Prosthetic Dentistry, Pharmacy; doctors, in the specialities: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Clinical Pharmacy and Dentistry. Internship is available in 22 specialities. Post-diploma education includes residency, Master’s program and postgraduate study or Ph.D program. Refresher courses in 48 specialities are available at the faculty of post-diploma education.
The Academy has elaborated a holistic approach as to the organizational, scientific and methodological aspects of the educational process. The clinical departments are provided with all the necessary equipment and demonstration aids: educational films, moulages, phantoms, diagnostic inventory – everything has been done for the educational process to meet the modern requirements. The Academy is particularly proud of its highly qualified academic staff, which totals 799 persons: 106 Doctors of Science, Professors, and 524 Candidates of Science (Ph.D. holders), Associate Professors. 40 Academy professors are academicians and corresponding members of domestic and foreign Academies of Sciences; 14 are State Prize laureates, 60 have honorary titles.
About 4.7 thousand students study at Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky, including 1.4 thousand foreign citizens from 40 countries of the world.
Since 1999 English has been the second language of instruction, which makes Medical Academy attractive for foreign citizens coming here to study. For the constant development of cooperation with foreign countries and high quality of education the University was awarded the title of laureate in the rating of Ukrainian higher schools “Sofia Kievskaya – 2004”.
For over 90 years the Academy has been training professional specialists. Academic excellence has been highly appreciated by the International Education Society, which has conferred the Academy AA rank denoting TOP INSTITUTION THAT IS INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN AND RECOGNIZED.
Encouraging enthusiasm for knowledge, intellectual challenge, continuous learning, and scholarly endeavours, inspiring accomplishment within one’s field of study are the essential part of the Academy commitments.


Medical Academy is the leader among the institutions of higher learning in the number of foreign students and the quality of education.
To get higher professional qualification specialists are trained at the faculty of post-diploma education: post-graduate courses and clinical ordinature. To write a dissertation foreign students are given themes connected with the peculiarities of public health of their countries.
The authorities of the Academy pay great attention not only to the quality of education but to all spheres of students’ life: social, cultural, domestic.
Hostels of the Academy, in which the foreign students live, are located in the park zone. These are present-day buildings, equipped with modern amenities, where students live in blocks 2-3 persons in each. On the territory of the hostel campus there is Internet café, reading room, electronic reading room, billiard parlour, three cafes, in which national dishes are served. Besides students are offered services of automated laundry, hairdresser’s parlour, international telephony, International Commerce bank, cash dispenser.
Dean’s office personnel of the International Medical Faculty organizes work of the friendly associations of students from the same area, different national, religious and international parties, meetings, holidays and competitions. All this helps to broaden knowledge of culture and traditions of different countries and people, a real friendship is getting stronger, mutual understanding is growing, thus so necessary tolerance occurs in a natural way.
Foreign delegations visit us more often (up to 10-15 annually) they are the ambassadors of foreign countries and staff of embassies, representatives of higher medical schools, funds, firms and private persons. It has already become a tradition to hold international scientific and practical conferences, seminars and symposia at our Academy. Both our post-graduates from abroad and partners on mutual research works visit us, foreign lecturers give lectures in English. International relations of the Academy are growing, broadening, getting stronger and it’s an evidence of huge scientific and pedagogical potential of the Academy.

The International Medical Faculty was allotted official IES (International Education Society Ltd.,London) very prestigious rating AA which signifies “Top institution that is internationally known and recognized” which gives the graduates of the faculty the right to receive a certificate, proving a diploma on “General medicine” speciality to be the AA level.

Stable development of scientific schools and long-term scientific directions is realized in the conditions of active international cooperation with medical faculties, scientific research institutes, scientific centers and leading laboratories of many countries. Belarus, Ukraine, France, Germany, Austria, U.K., Sweden, Poland, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia are among partners of mutual scientific programmes. Collaborators of the Academy work with foreign partners in 16 international and 13 state programmes.

Today the department of biochemistry and biotechnology laboratory (Central Scientific and Research Laboratory – CSRL) – (Professor K. A. Efetov),the department of physiology –(Professor E. V. Evstafieva), department of pathological anatomy – (Professor N.Y.Novikov), the department of Internal Medicine №2 – (Professor V. A. Beloglazov), department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology – (Professor A. N. Ribalka) are fruitfully participating in the international collaboration. More over four clinical departments of the Medical Academy are testing medicinal preparations according to the international agreement concluded with the leading pharmaceutical firms. More and more often specialists of the Medical Academy take part in the international meetings of the scientists. Only for the last two years more than 60 collaborators of the Academy have visited conferences and congresses of the highest level in the leading countries of the world. The Development of international relations in modern conditions provides a high level of scientific and pedagogical potential of the Academy owing to the acquired knowledge, experience, mental outlook broadening. Scientific activity of the Academy collaborators contributes to integration for solving of urgent scientific questions of the world medicine.



      • Department of Biochemistry
      • Department of Children Dentistry
      • Department of Dentistry
      • Department of Dental Surgery
      • Department of Foreign Languages with the Course of Latin (Institute of Foreign Languages CFU)
      • Department of Forensic Medicine
      • Department of General Hygiene with Ecology
      • Department of General Surgery
      • Department of General and Clinical Pathophysiology
      • Department of Histology and Embryology
      • Department of Human Anatomy
      • Department of Infectious Diseases
      • Department of Internal Medicine No.1 with the course Clinical Pharmacology
      • Department of Internal Medicine No.2
      • Department of Medical Biology
      • Department of Medical Physics and Informatics
      • Department of Internal Medicine No.3
      • Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
      • Department of Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine
      • Department of Medicine of Emergency Conditions and Anesthesiology
      • Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
      • Department of Nervous Diseases with the course of neurology
      • Department of Normal Physiology
      • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No.1
      • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No.2
      • Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology
      • Department of Oncology
      • Department of Orthopedic Dentistry
      • Department of Ophthalmology
      • Department of Otorhinolaryngology
      • Department of Pathological Anatomy with the Course of Dissection
      • Department of Pediatrics with a course of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
      • Department of Pediatrics, Physiotherapy and Health Resort
      • Department of Pharmacology
      • Department of Pharmacy
      • Department of Pharmacy
      • Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology
      • Department of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine
      • Department of Propedeutics of Pediatrics
      • Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Psychotherapy with the Course of General and Medical
      • Psychology
      • Department of Public Health and Healthcare
      • Department of Radiodiagnostics and Radiotherapy
      • Department of Russian language
      • Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases
      • Department of Surgery No. 1
      • Department of Surgery No. 2
      • Department of Surgical Diseases
      • Department of Therapeutical Dentistry
      • Department of Therapeutic Physical Training and Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy with the Course of Physical Training
      • Department of Therapy and Family Medicine
      • Department of Topographical Anatomy
      • Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics with the Course of Neurosurgery

The preparatory department for foreign students

Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky which obtained the fourth higher grade of accreditation of the institutions of the higher education is one of the best in the Crimea.The head of Preparatory Department is associate Bilyk Marina Pavlovna.
Foreign students of the preparatory department study the following subjects:

      • Russian language
      • Biology
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Mathematics

Our academic year starts in September-October. Duration of studying varies from eight up to ten months. Departmental courses are given by high-qualified lecturers of the Medical Academy. The lecturers in the Russian language have experience of work with the institutions of higher education of Syria, Germany, Turkey, Cube, and other countries.
After the graduation from the Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy (in case of successful completion of studies) students receive officially recognized certificate of graduation which allows them to apply to any Russian and Byelorussian institution of higher education. High quality of training in the Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy facilitates successful studying in the institutions of higher education with medical, biological and technical specialization.
Students of the Preparatory Department have free access to the library, computer lab (including Internet), policlinic and gymnastics facilities of the Academy. Five student hostels of the Medical Academy offer accommodation in convenient rooms for 2-3 persons. The hostels are situated in the park area of the city centre in the walking distance from the Academy premises.

 The hostels meet all requirements necessary for comfortable stay, preparation for studies and rest. The hostels are offering the following facilities:

      • Reading rooms and halls for education;
      • Cafeterias, bars, restaurants, buffets, shops;
      • Billiard-room;
      • Hall of prayer (for Muslim students);
      • Xerox;
      • International phone-machines;

 Sport facilities of the Academy is considered one of the best in Russia.
There are the following facilities:

      • Stadium;
      • Hall for track and field athletics;
      • Swimming-pool;
      • Halls for basketball and volley-ball;
      • Gymnastics;
      • Game areas;
      • Specially equipped halls for shaping and various types of oriental combats;

Interneshinal city

 Students of the Preparatory Department are entitled to receive free medical treatment in a special student policlinic situated in the territory of the Academy.

In the course of the academic year students of the Preparatory Department become acquainted with the places of interest and sightseeing of the Crimea’s, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Cozy and mild climate of the Crimean peninsula abundant in fruits and vegetables facilitates the adaptation of the students arriving from the hot southern countries to the Russia standards of life.

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