Ivanovo State Medical Academy was established in 1930. The Academy is situated in the central part of Russia, not far from Moscow – the capital of the Russian Federation. It takes about 5/6 hours from Moscow by bus.
From that time to nowadays the Academy trained more than 25000 doctors. Now almost 3000 students are trained at the Academy. The teaching staff of the Academy includes more than 400 instructors, among them 70 Doctors of Science and more than 270 Candidates of Science.
There are three libraries, three student’s hostels, sports center in the Academy.

Address of the Ivanovo State Medical Academy: 153462, Russia, Ivanovo, Engels ave., 8

Ivanovo State Medical Academy has been training international students since 1991.

During this period of time almost 200 foreign citizens completed the full course of studies at the faculty for preliminary training, more than 80 foreign citizens were awarded a degree of Doctor of Medicine, M.D., almost 10 foreign citizens defended dissertations /Ph.D./. Now foreign students from 23 countries – Cameroon, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Bolivia, Mongolia, France and some countries of the CIS are trained at the Academy.

A specialized computer classroom is available at the Department of Russian language in order to make educational and instructional process more productive.

Regularly international students’ communities hold their festivals “The Days of National Culture”. The 1st Congress of Cameroon Students trained in the countries of the Community of Independent States was held at the Academy in July, 1999.

Foreign citizens are trained at the Academy as follows:

Training at the preparatory faculty, where students learn Russian language, Biology, Human Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry



      • General Medicine
      • Pediatrics
      • Nursing Management
      • Studying at internship, housemanship, postgraduate education in specialties:
      • Obstetrics and Gynecology
      • Allergology and Immunology
      • Anesthesiology and Resuscitation
      • Dermatology and Venereal Diseases
      • Infectious Diseases
      • Therapeutic Physical Training and Sport Medicine
      • Neurology
      • General Practitioner
      • Otorhinolaryngology
      • Ophthalmology
      • Pathological Anatomy
      • Psychiatry and Narcology
      • Ambulance Service
      • Social Hygiene and Public Health Management
      • Forensic Medicine
      • Internal Diseases
      • Traumatology and Orthopedics
      • Physiotherapy
      • Phthsiology
      • Surgery
      • Endocrinology
      • Pediatrics
      • Infant Surgery
      • Neonatology
      • Retraining /specialisation/
      • Russian language training.


      • In specialty “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics” – 6 years
      • In specialty “Nursing Management”- 4 years
      • At the preliminary faculty – 9-10 months
      • At housemanship – 2-5 years
      • At the post-graduate course – 3-5 years

The beginning of the academic year is September, 1st. Every academic year is divided into two terms / September-January, February-June; each term is ended with examination session. Its duration is 4 to 5 weeks. Language of training is Russian.

Academy’s buildings and clinics including fundamental library with media library are provided with up-to-date equipment.
All foreign students are provided with places at the hostel of blocked type with all conveniences. Also they are obliged to be health insurance policy holders; in need they may be examined and treated in the Academy’s clinic.

Mastering of clinical disciplines and practical training are realized in full in native medicinal and preventive treatment facilities; regional and municipal medicinal and preventive treatment facilities are clinical bases of the Academy.

Ivanovo State Medical Academy is situated in the city of Ivanovo which is 4-5 hours by bus or train away from Moscow – the capital of Russia (335 km). Ivanovo is often called a student’s city and it is not surprising. There are active 18 universities and their branches: Medical Academy, Agricultural Academy, State University, University of Chemistry and Technology, Power University, Polytechnic University as well as Fire and Rescue Academy of the State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia.

The Academy is proud of its foreign students and graduates and is ready for further development of international collaboration. All persons who knows that to treat patients is a great art but not an ordinary trade are welcome to study at the Ivanovo State Medical Academy. It’s one of the professions which require a real vocation.  


The University offers very comfortable living conditions. Students are accommodated in a modern building with convenient rooms and public areas. The infrastructure is such, that students feel at home.

Students may pursue sports and represent their faculty in university competitions. There are several workshops whereby students may develop their vocal, dancing or painting skills. University celebrations and festivals offer a great opportunity to perform on stage and express oneself artistically.

Students also have the opportunity to discover hidden talents by trying their hand at journalism and being associated with the University newspaper “Alma mater” where they may write about their country and cultures.

The University supervises both, the academic and the extracurricular life of its students and maintains contact with their parents. University employees are always available to solve any issues concerning life or studying in Russia.

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