Izhevsk State Medical Academy is one of the most preferred medical universities in Russia. Students enrolling for MBBS Russia are highly attracted by the experienced staff, easy curriculum and advanced researchers at Izhevsk State Medical Academy. There are over 21 thousand experts who have completed their education with Izhevsk State Medical Academy.

The university was established in 1993 and from the last 80 years, Izhevsk State Medical Academy has always been satisfactory towards the choices of organizations and students. The university is maintained by 351 teachers which include 86 expertise doctors and are responsible for handling 52 departments.

The university also comprises of over 28 clinical bases of academy providing practical help to students. The university is also the host of students from over 113 states including India. Indian students have a leading Russian Medical University.



The various departments in which Izhevsk State Medical Academy provides medical studies include:

      • Faculty of General Medicine
      • Faculty of Pediatrics
      • Faculty of Dentistry
      • Department of Post Graduate and Professional Training
      • Centre for Practical Skills
      • Centre for Pre – Academy and Additional Training

Post-graduation under medical courses is also provided by Izhevsk State Medical Academy is following subjects:

      • Medicine of urgent conditions
      • Therapy
      • Dermatology
      • Infectious Diseases
      • Neurology and many more.


The students can also practice medicine out of Russia after achieving MBBS Graduation from Izhevsk State Medical Academy. The university is well known amongst the medical universities of Russia. It is now one of the top medical universities. ISMU holds a reputed rank in the list of universities recognized by World Health Organizations all around the world. The ranking of a university is constantly getting better due to the development of the university day by day.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is recognized by various organizations that look after the running and development of medical universities all around the globe.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is recognized by 

      • WHO – World Health Organization
      • MCI – Medical Council of India
      • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
      • Ministry of Health Care Social Development of the Russian Federation

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is also a member of some of the associations related to the medical field including the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).

 Duration of MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy

The duration of the MBBS course from Izhevsk State Medical Academy is 6 years with built up as one year of practical learning i.e. internship and other 5 years of theoretical learning in the form of classroom learning.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy also allows its students to work during the period of MBBS. This provides extreme exposure and perfection for students to excel in the field chosen by them.

 Intake at Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is counted amongst the best universities of MBBS in Russia. The session of MBBS graduates begins in September. Izhevsk State Medical Academy holds no barriers on the ground of caste, religion or nationality for enrolling in the MBBS graduate course at University. The students are hereby advised to apply at earliest due to the availability of limited seats.

The sessions of MBBS start in September every year at Izhevsk State Medical Academy. The applications are accepted by University from the end of March to the end of July.

The admission process may take 2-3 months and thus a student may apply to University by 30th July ideally. The seats are limited and are given on a merit basis. Thus to secure one seat the student must apply at earliest.


There are many features due to which Izhevsk State Medical Academy stands as perfection and ideal university in sight of medical students around the world.

The features of Izhevsk State Medical Academy include:

      • The university is well built with a spacious and highly equipped campus.
      • The campus comprises of various blocks and hostels all lying inside the boundary of campus.
      • The whole university campus is secured with surveillance of CCTV.
      • Over 351 teachers provide expert solutions to the problems of students.
      • At present, around 3 thousand medical students are learning at Izhevsk State Medical Academy including students from over 113 countries.
      • The medium of teaching is English for every course which makes students comfortable. The success rate of Izhevsk State Medical Academy over 80 years has been unquestionable.
      • The university is approved by the Medical Council of India and the world health organization.
      • The university provides education at a lower academic fee than other universities.
      • There are 52 different departments which provide knowledge in almost every field of medicine.
      • There are many conferences and seminars held for the clarity of the subjects of students.
      • Other co-curricular activities are also encouraged by the university including cultural activities, group discussions, presentations and many more.
      • The university pays equal attention to the practical and theoretical knowledge of students.
      • It is mandatory to choose a clinic or hospital for an internship during the course.
      • There is no additional charge or fee for enrollment in Izhevsk State Medical Academy.
      • The university provides facilities such as clean and healthy food to students on campus.
      • The university ensures easy availability of Indian food in and around campus.
      • The students are given freedom of selecting games as extracurricular activities.
      • The students can ask for doubt sessions from the professors.
      • The hostel facilities are also provided by Izhevsk State Medical Academy.


 Hostel Facilities at Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Izhevsk State Medical Academy provides hostels to all foreign students. The university has a campus which includes hostels inside its boundary.

The university hostels provide the following facilities:

      • The rooms are spacious
      • The rooms are well air-conditioned and also have heaters for winters.
      • The hostels are provided with internet access, television and landline phones.
      • The students can choose a twin or triple room according to convenience.
      • The bathrooms and kitchens are also provided on a sharing basis.
      • The students also have a library, sports complex and gym at Izhevsk State Medical Academy.
      • Hostels are very close to the main campus of Izhevsk State Medical Academy.
      • Separate rooms are available for girls and boys.
      • There are guards appointed for security of students
      • The students are secured from every act of teasing or ragging.
      • The hostel building consists of a separate block for Indian students.

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