MIPT is one of the leading Russian universities in the areas of physics and technology. The university holds a reputable position in the country and abroad in qualified graduate training. Students and graduates of MIPT are representatives of an elite circle who, thanks to their interdisciplinary scientific surroundings, are able to fully realize their potential. The strong alumni community is spread all over and includes top range scientists, businessmen, politicians, people of art, many of who are awardees of prestigious international prizes. Phystech (the university) and phystechs (its alumni) are strongly proud and supportive of each other.

MIPT’s mission is to train leaders in science and technology, who are capable to solve key scientific and technical problems, and who will determine the success of the country and humanity in the XXI century.


MIPT strategic development is basing on strengthening its competitive advantages, among which are outstanding professors and researchers, unique system of applicants selection, involving students in scientific research and the highest concentration of intelligent people in one university cluster. The university’s strategy is included into MIPT’s roadmap for the national academic excellence 5top100 project.

During its more than 60 year history PhysTech has developed significant competences in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, including in physics research, information technologies and mathematics, aerospace, living systems and useful minerals.

MIPT has several strong competitive advantages that are the basis of our successful development and mission implementation in the future. Enhancing them we will achieve our aims and strengthen our position as world-recognized university. Those factors are:

      • High-level professors and scientists with outstanding background;
      • Unique system of applicants selection all around the world;
      • Involving students in scientific research;
      • The highest concentration of intelligent people in one place;
      • Availability of resources to conduct scientific research.

Since 2013, MIPT involved in the federal project on increasing competitiveness of the leading Russian universities among the world’s leading research and education centers. The purpose of the project is to maximize competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global market of educational services and research programs.

Priority directions of development of the project MIPT 5-100:

      • search for personnel for educational and research activities among world-famous scientists;
      • create PostDocs, PhDs, Interns positions;
      • reduce barriers of academic mobility by improving the working and living conditions up to world level conditions;
      • create conditions and mechanisms for attracting funds of individuals and entities for the development of MIPT;
      • create a flexible educational system meeting the needs of employers and graduates.


MIPT is perhaprs one of the most awarded university in Russia. In the course of MIPT’s history 10 of its professors and alumni have been awarded Nobel Prize, the most recent one being given in 2010 for discovering graphene. In addition, Phystech’s very own researchers and professors have received the Dirac medal, Fundamental Physics Prize, and the BBVA Foundation Award, among many others.

Many personalities famous in the field of science participated in establishing the institute – Academic Sergey Khristianovich and the Nobel laureates Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semyonov and Lev Landau are among the founders and staff of MIPT. The First rector of MPTU was Ivan Petrov. Many professors from MIPT are leading Russian scientists, including more than 80 Academicians and members of the Russian Academy of Science.

In talking of MIPT’s rich history, it is impossible not to mention the legendary emblem of PhysTech, representing the being “quantic-photonic.” PhysTech’s symbol is unusual, full of the essence of physics. Designed in the 1990s, it has the form of an electrical substance (hv), having the features of a living being the head of which is full of physics (the symbol Ф) and beautified by mathematics (the crown – М).

Every five years MIPT celebrates a double jubilee: the 25 th of November 1946 marks the publication of the resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers setting up the Physics and Technology Department of Moscow State University, and five years later Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was founded on its base.


MIPT education is divided into 12 departments, covering a wide range of knowledge fields in fundamental and applied science, including general and applied physics, life sciences, space research, nanotechnology, aerophysics, radio and flight engineering, molecular physics, quantum electronics, innovation, system engineering and more.

      • Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
      • Department of General and Applied Physics
      • Department of Aerophysics and Space Research
      • Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics
      • Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics
      • Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering
      • Department of Control and Applied Mathematics
      • Department of Problems of Physics and Energetics
      • Department of Innovation and High Technology
      • Department of Biological and Medical Physics
      • Institute of Nano-, Bio-, Information, Cognitive and Socio-humanistic Sciences and Technologies
      • Department of Higher School of Systems Engineering


There are 14 Dormitories are available in MIPT. Dormitories are corridor-type buildings. Each floor is provided with the essential facilities such as a restroom and a kitchen. There are two shower rooms for men and women on the first floor, a laundry, a sports room, a study room, and a club in the building. Each dorm room is well-furnished and has access to the internet via both Wi-Fi and a wired network.

Undergraduate Education (Bachelor)
Tuition fee, English medium 1-4th years: 8000 USD per year
Tuition fee, Russian medium 1-4th years: 4500 USD per year
Postgraduate Education (Master)
Tuition fee, English medium 1-2nd years: 8000 USD per year
Tuition fee, Russian medium 1-2nd years: 4500 USD per year
Postgraduate Education (PhD)
Tuition fee 1-3rd years: 5000 USD per year
Preparatory Department fee 3500 USD
Accommodation / Hostel fee 700 USD per year


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