MEPhI is a research and educational center with honourable traditions and a clear vision of the future where world’s best tech experts excel in creating applicable science, boost economic output in various fields, support industry and business.
MEPhI is a leading Russian university which augments its positions on the global educational scene. MEPhI is proud of ambitious and skilled experts in science and engineering who have graduated the University since its establishment in 1942. Six Nobel laureates contributed to educational process and research activities at MEPhI. And now relying on extensive experience we are creating a future with a new generation of explorers and inventors.

Walking around campus and seeing students from Europe and Asia, as well as international scholars from MIT and Berkeley, you’d be surprised to find out that MEPhI was a closed, strategic facility until the 2000’s. But, that has changed significantly.
MEPhI has widely developed international educational and scientific relations with national laboratories, scientific centers, companies and universities all over the world.


he University traces its history back to the middle of World War II. It started off as the Moscow Mechanics Institute of Ammunition. The original charter was to train people for the nuclear industry, which had just began to develop. The Head of the Soviet nuclear project, academician Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov (yes, the “father of the atomic bomb”) – was one of the legendary University’s founders.
By the 1960’s, MEPhI became the leading higher education institution in Russia, energizing education and training for peaceful nuclear energy. Over the course of its history, 6 Nobel Prize winners have worked at MEPhI, including: N.G. Basov, a MEPhI graduate, as well as A.D. Sakharov, N.N. Semenov, I.E. Tamm, I.M. Frank, and P.A. Cherenkov.
A new wave of University development began in 2009, when MEPhI became one of only two schools in Russia that were recognized by the Russian government as National Universities. The same year MEPhI was renamed into the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute).
In July 2013, MEPhI was shortlisted in the governmental Competitiveness Enhancement Program, or so called “5 into 100” competition. The objective of the program is to boost 5 of 15 chosen universities, which are already leaders in Russia, to be ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide.
Today the University holds leading positions in training specialists of the highest level, combining principles of synthesis of education and research activities, laid more than 70 years ago.


MEPhI acknowledges the need to successfully ride the wave of change that is sweeping higher education institutions worldwide. We aim to forge innovative partnerships, strike a balance between tradition and technology, demonstrate value and become competitive in an increasingly global landscape. One crucial way to achieve these complex goals is to embrace the seismic changes in the innovation and education landscape.
We are an active member of the 5/100 program – the Russian government’s strategic drive to increase leading universities’ global competitiveness and enter a top 100 in world university rankings.
Russian Academic Excellence Project was launched in 2013. Its Council has selected 15 universities that are pursuing activities that contribute to their advancement in international rankings, such as: implementation of joint educational programs with other foreign universities, attracting foreign professors to teach our students, and promoting international academic mobility for students and professors.


Faculties and institutes:

  • Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering
  • Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies
  • Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine
  • Institute of Nanoengineering in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics
  • Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems
  • Institute of financial and economic security
  • Institute of international relations
  • Institute of physicotechnical intelligent systems
  • Faculty of business informatics and complex systems management
  • Institute of general professional training

Academic Programs

MEPhI offers 200 areas of educational and academic programs. In compliance with the Russian higher-education transition to the Bologna system, now MEPhI offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees, in addition to the specialist degree it has offered before.
One of the unique characteristics of the University`s educational structure is its modularity – flexible curriculum paths, multidisciplinarity, individual plans for the students, as well as project and distance learning.
Students have the chance to participate in research, even as an undergraduate, and diploma thesis projects at MEPhI (for example, in the Engineering Center or laboratories), in Russia (Rosatom and its subsidiaries, Yandex, etc.) or even abroad – there were over 50 students who went for projects abroad in 2016.
Also, MEPhI offers double diploma and exchange programs with European, Asian and American universities.
MEPhI has quickly been expanding the number of foreign students enrolled as well. About half of them come from the countries where Rosatom, MEPhI’s strategic partner, is building nuclear power plants (such as Turkey, South Africa, Finland and Vietnam).

Focus Areas

MEPhI is proud to be a symbol of ingenuity and innovation in civilian nuclear science and technology. Having said that, we are working hard on expanding into new and exciting fields. Our goal is to provide the tools and skills professionals need to succeed in an interconnected and interdisciplinary global scene. Here are some of the university’s focus areas.

  1. Nuclear Physics and Technology
  2. Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermo pshysics
  3. Physics
  4. Applied Mathematics and Physics
  5. Applied Mathematics and Information
  6. Material Study and Material Technologies
  7. Information and Computer Engineering
  8. Information Security
  9. International Relations
  10. Foreign Languages
  11. Economics
  12. Business
  13. Management
  14. Law

Global Rankings

It is not only the Russian government that sees world university rankings as important indicators of competiveness, research excellence, academic quality, diversity, and even online presence. These global education ‘league tables’ impact the decision making process by prospective faculty – and even more so – students.
MEPhI has boosted its ratings and position in world rankings over the last couple of years. The trend continues.



If you look on the Moscow map, you will see that MEPhI is conveniently located close to all public transport: buses, metro and trains. In addition, 30 metres from the University there is one of the largest parks in the city: Historic Palace, churches and huge, green apple orchards.
Every foreign student has the opportunity to live in the MEPhI dormitory. It is situated within 15 minutes’ walk from the University.
In total, MEPhI dormitory includes 6 buildings. Two of which are apartment hotels, 24 floors each; three buildings consist of corridor rooms and have 5 floors; and the last one is a 14 story building for post-graduate students and young professors.
A room accommodates 2 or 3 students depending on the size of the room. Each is equipped with beds, tables, chairs, shelves, space for shoes and utensils. A living room has a wardrobe. The kitchen is equipped with stoves and refrigerators. In the buildings there is a common laundry and the official free Internet.
The residence is surrounded by many restaurants and grocery stores with reasonable prices. There are many cafes, gyms, supermarkets and pharmacy outlets. Within a radius of 200 meters there is the medical center and hospital, which serves MEPhI students and employees.


MEPhI offers you 3 dining rooms and 7 buffets, which can serve 1200 visitors at once. We have our own pastry shop, which provides canteens and cafeterias with baked goods and confectionery. They are open for you from morning until late evening to ensure that all MEPhI students and faculty are satisfied and can develop science and create new devices.
The menu is based on the wishes of employees and students. It includes cold appetizers and salads, entrees, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry, cereal and casseroles. For those who want to dine fast, economical and tasty we offer a set-meal.
Everything is made of natural and ecologically clean products.

Sports Center

Since September 2015 MEPHI has organized a student sports club “Reactor” that combines all the athletes of the university. Its task is to organize the university teams, form the information environment and organize sport events with the participation of MEPhI students. Among the activities that already are held are MEPhI tournaments in volleyball, soccer, table tennis, chess and other sports.

Sports teams in MEPhI:


The Hockey team MEPhI was organized in 2011 and is playing in the Moscow Student Hockey League (MSHL). The team became the champion of the «small» cup of students of Moscow, while players of the team have a lot of personal awards.


The Rugby club has existed at in the University since 1965. At the moment there are female and male teams. Rugby teams in MEPHI have won prizes at the Moscow and All-Russia competitions. In winter, spring and summer teams go to a training camp.


Sambo in MEPhI is the oldest University sport, organized in the 1950s. Over the long history, graduates of the team went on to become multiple time world and national champions as well as winners of various international competitions. Since 1975, the club hosts the annual International Sambo Tournament for the prizes of space explorers organized in MEPhI. In the national team MEPhI Sambo listed MSIC, MS and CCM.


The Volleyball team has existed in MEPhI since the founding of the University. In recent years the team has successfully performed in the Upper Student League in Moscow and is a multiple winner of the Universiade of South district of Moscow.


The University basketball team has been around for more than 50 years, The team is the Moscow champion; and, today, our players are concurrently participating in two championships: Moscow Student Sports Games (ICCI) in Division “A” and the Moscow Basketball League (MBL). Every August the team goes to the training camp.

Soccer and mini-soccer

These are one of the oldest clubs of the University. They participate in regular University tournaments, as well as Moscow Championship.

Sport tourism

Sport tourism was revived in MEPhI in 2005. During the school year, members of the team participate in competitions in hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. Sports tourists of MEPHI are part of the regional teams, successfully and regularly performing in the Russian Championship and Russian Cup.

Other sport teams in MEPHI include:

Aerobics, Baseball, weight-lifting, arm wrestling, chess, tennis, rowing, badminton, shaping, Orienteering, Climbing, Track&field, OFM, Sailing.

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