About Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) was founded by Presidential Decree on September 20, 2010. This foundation involved the merger of two previously existing academies: The Academy of National Economy (ANE), which was established in 1977, and the Russian Academy of Public Administration (RAPA), established in 1991. The merger also brought together 12 other state educational institutions.

Each of the merged academies had already earned reputations as leaders in training Russia’s political elite. From the moment of its creation in 1977, ANE prided itself as a breeding ground for future ministers. With the fall of the Soviet Union, ANE changed its strategic model from training members of the ‘Nomenclatura’ to providing high-quality business education for a new generation of leaders by becoming an institute of higher education that offers a wide array of academic opportunities in management. Likewise, RAPA has traditionally been a national leader in providing public management training for current and future state and municipal civil servants.

Nowadays RANEPA is the largest educational institution in Russia, represented by 54 branches in eight federal districts of the Russian Federation (47 regions).

In accordance with Government Directive No. 903-p of May 11, 2017, five professional educational institutions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are being merged into the Presidential Academy: Kazan Banking College, Moscow Banking College, Omsk Banking College, Oryol Banking College, and Khabarovsk Banking College. The Central Bank’s colleges will be reorganized as structural units of the Presidential Academy.

More than 180,000 people are being trained at RANEPA across Russia. The total number of students in its regional branches is more than 81,000, of which 67,000 are in the bachelor and specialist programs, about 9,000 are master’s students, and over 5,500 are in vocational/associate degree programs. More than 1,700 foreign students are enrolled with the regional branches of the Academy. The number of its full-time employees is about 6,500 in Moscow and about 7,500 in regional branches. Overall, RANEPA employs 6,100 academic staff: nearly 780 Full Professors, 2,500 Associate Professors, and almost 5,200 holders of advanced degrees, including 1,600 Doctors.

The Academy delivers professional degree programs including 113 bachelor’s programs, 11 specialist programs, nearly 150 master’s programs and 7 vocational/associate degree programs.

RANEPA has developed and is implementing more than 500 additional professional education programs; about 30% of these programs are updated annually.

The Academy offers postgraduate and doctoral programs in 10 areas of study. From September 1, 2017, the Academy is authorized to establish advanced degree awarding boards (including doctoral) in eight sciences and humanities.
The Academy has developed unique training programs to train civil servants for federal authorities and regional governments.

RANEPA is one of the leaders in training top-level managers for Russian firms and companies. Over one-third of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) students in the Russian Federation are students of the Academy.

Most MBA and EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) programs at RANEPA are accredited by the world’s most prestigious accreditation associations.

RANEPA was one of the initiators of introducing МРА (Master of Public Administration) programs to the Russian education system. These programs are aimed at meeting the staffing needs of government bodies.

RANEPA has more than 450 partner agreements with leading foreign universities and companies: it sends Russian students abroad, implements joint programs with leading international universities, and also trains foreign students.

The Academy’s research and expert activities as the largest consultant for development projects and programs implemented by federal and regional authorities, corporations and public organizations, contribute to continuous improvement and updating of the educational process.

Its libraries (including regional branches) hold more than 7 million printed books. Of particular interest and great value are the rare book editions at the Yakushkin Library and Shanyavsky Open University (Moscow), the State Duma Library (St. Petersburg), and the famous Demidov Library (Yekaterinburg). Students of all branches of the Academy have access to digital educational and scientific resources: there are more than 20 Russian and foreign databases available.

The Moscow campus has a total of 319,500 square meters of premises; the total footprint area of the Academy’s entire branch network is 747,600 square meters (including the Personnel Training Center in Pushkino).

RANEPA is the ideologist and project developer of the continuous education system in Russia. We have developed a concept for the modern system of continuous education for civil servants, to help modernize the system of advanced training and retraining of civil servants in the Russian Federation.

Instruction of the President of the Russian Federation No. 3484-Pr of December 25, 2009 and Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 636-r of April 22, 2010 appointed RANEPA as the sole contractor for the program of training and retraining the top-level managerial personnel reserve. The Academy cooperates with the regional governments in training civil servants and implementing programs aimed at developing the national economy.

RANEPA is the only Presidential educational institution in Russia.


Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration has a number of branches in different parts of the Russian Federation. You can find the full list below.

    • Altai Branch of RANEPA (Barnaul)
    • Astrakhan Branch of RANEPA
    • Balakovo Branch of RANEPA
    • Bryansk Branch of RANEPA
    • Central Russian Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (Oryol)
    • Cheboksary Branch of RANEPA
    • Chelyabinsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Chita Branch of RANEPA
    • Dzerzhinsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Far-East Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (Khabarovsk)
    • Irkutsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Ivanovo Branch of RANEPA
    • Izhevsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Kaluga Branch of RANEPA
    • Karelia Branch of RANEPA (Petrozavodsk)
    • Kazan Branch of RANEPA
    • Kirov Branch of RANEPA
    • Krasnoarmeysk Automotive College, Branch of RANEPA
    • Kurgan Branch of RANEPA
    • Lipetsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Magnitogorsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Moscow region Braneh of RANEPA (Krasnogorsk)
    • Murmansk Branch of RANEPA
    • Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management, Braneh of RANEPA
    • North-Caucasian Institute, Branch of RANEPA (Pyatigorsk)
    • North-West Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (St. Petersburg)
    • Novgorod Branch of RANEPA
    • Omsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Orenburg Branch of RANEPA
    • Perm Branch of RANEPA
    • Petropavlovsk Branch of RANEPA (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)
    • Povolzhsky Institute of Management named after P.A.Stolypin, Branch of RANEPA (Saratov)
    • Primorsky Branch of RANEPA (Vladivostok)
    • Pskov Branch of RANEPA
    • Samara Branch of RANEPA
    • Saransk Branch of RANEPA
    • Siberian Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (Novosibirsk)
    • Smolensk Branch of RANEPA
    • South-Russian Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (Rostov-on-Don)
    • Stavropol Branch of RANEPA
    • Tambov Branch of RANEPA
    • Togliatti Branch of RANEPA
    • Tomsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Tver Branch of RANEPA
    • Tula Branch of RANEPA
    • Ulyanovsk Branch of RANEPA
    • Ural Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA (Ekaterinburg)

  • Vladimir Branch of RANEPA
  • Volgograd Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA
  • Vologda Branch of RANEPA
  • Voronezh Branch of RANEPA
  • Vyborg Branch of RANEPA
  • Western Branch of RANEPA (Kaliningrad)
  • RANEPA Solnechny conference and recreation center


Bachelor Degree

Advertising and Public Relations
  • Advertising and Public Relations in Commercial Area
  • Digital Advertising and Public Relations in Public Administration
  • Management of Public Relations (Liberal Arts)
Arts and Humanities
  • Philology and Translation (Liberal Arts)
  • Modern Design
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Trade Policy
  • Economics of Fuel and Energy
  • Finance and credit
  • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Money, banks and financial markets
  • Stock markets and technology
  • International financial institutions in the global economy
  • Financial Control and Public Audit
  • Regional Economics
  • Financial Control and Public Audit. The educational double degree program with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France)
Foreign Regional Studies
  • Economic and Political Development of Oriental Countries
  • Foreign Regional Studies and Political Economics Analysis (Liberal Arts)
  • Management of International Projects and Programs (with advanced curriculum in foreign languages)
  • Analytics and Consulting in International Relations (with advanced curriculum in foreign languages)
  • Management of international projects and programs. The educational double degree program with the University of Valencia
  • International Humanitarian Cooperation (Russian-Italian program with advanced curriculum in foreign languages)
  • History of State and Government (Liberal Arts)
Human Resources Management
    Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Management in International Business
International Relations
  • International Relations: Politics, Economics and Business
  • International Economic Relations in the Context of Globalization
  • Media Journalism (Liberal Arts)
  • Business Journalism
  • Political Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Civil Law Profile
  • Public Law Profile
  • Information Law profile
  • State-public partnership in the protection of national interests by special organizations (Cossacks)
  • International Law profile (Double Degree program with European Public Law organization)
  • International Law Profile (with in-depth study of foreign language and law of European organizations)
  • International Law Profile (with in-depth study of foreign language and law of European organizations)
  • Financial and Legal Profile (legal support of financial technologies)
  • Financial management
  • Investment management
  • Business valuation
  • Financial mathematics
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate Management
  • Production management
  • Management in Accommodation and Restaurant Business
  • International and domestic tourism
  • Sports industry management
  • Strategic Management of the Company (Liberal Arts)
  • Management of Urban Territorial Development (Liberal Arts)
  • Project management
  • Small and Medium Business Management
  • Corporate Management
  • HR Management in Organizations and Public Service
  • Interior Politics and Leadership
  • Effective Public Administration
  • Social Relations in Public and Municipal Administration
  • Public and Municipal Service; Social Relations in Public and Municipal Management
  • Economics and Administration (with in-depth study of economics and foreign languages)
  • Public Administration and Legal Regulation (with in-depth study of law and foreign languages)
  • E-Government
  • E-Government (Russian-French Program with advanced curriculum in foreign language)
  • Politics and Law. A double degree program with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France)
  • Politics and Law (Russian-Spanish program with advanced curriculum in foreign languages)
  • Eco-systems management (Russian-Netherlandish program with advanced curriculum in foreign languages)
  • Management of Creative Projects (Liberal Arts)
  • Global Governance and Leadership
  • International Management
Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology of organizational behavior
Political Science
  • International Politics (British bachelor degree)
  • Psychology (Liberal Arts)
  • Psychological counselling and coaching (British bachelor degree)
Public and Municipal Administration
  • Security of public and municipal services
Public Policy and Social Sciences
  • Public Policy (Liberal Arts)
Quality Management
  • Quality Management in Production and Technological Systems
  • Quality Management in Energy
  • Quality Management and Information-Analytical Systems
  • Quality Management in Building
Russian Regional Studies
  • Regional Politics and Regional Administration (with in-depth study of foreign languages)
  • Socio-Political Expertise and Consulting (with in-depth study of foreign languages)
  • Complex Estimation of Regional Development
  • Social and Cultural Service
  • Vehicles Service
  • Technologies of Sociological Research (Liberal Arts)
  • Modern Social Theory (British bachelor degree)
  • Logistics in Commerce
  • Financial Management in Foreign Trade
  • Digital technologies in trade

Specialist Degree Programmes

Customs Affairs
  • Organization of Custom Control
  • Customs Payments and Currency Regulation
  • Foreign trade, transport and customs logistics
Economic Security
  • Economic-Legal Support of Economic Security
Judicial and Prosecutorial Activity
  • Judicial Activity
  • Prosecutorial Activity
Legal Support of National Security
  • Criminal Law profile
  • State Law profile
  • Civil Law profile
  • International Law profile

Master Degree

Advertising and Public Relations
  • Media Management
  • Banks, finance, investment
  • Finance: accounting, analysis and audit
  • Finance: international accounting and management technologies
  • Finance and sustainable development strategies
  • Financial diplomacy
  • Government Economic Regulation
  • Investment and Innovation Management in the Economy
  • Financial Control and Public Audit
  • Financial Control and Public Audit (Russian-French double degree program)
Finance and credit
  • Applied corporate finance
  • Monetary and financial regulation of the economy
  • Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions
Foreign Regional Studies
  • Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation
  • Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation. Educational program of double diploma jointly with University of Valencia
  • Russia and Eurasia: Political and Economic Processes. Educational program jointly with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Russia-Europe: Political and Geopolitical Research. Educational program of double diploma jointly with University of Paris-Nanterre (France)
  • International tourism (Russian-Italian Program)
  • Russia and Eurasia: Political and Economic Processes
  • Socio-economic History of Russia and World
International Relations
  • International Relations and Eurasian Integration
  • International Economic Cooperation
  • Journalism and Media Technologies
  • Civil Law Profile
  • Public Law Profile
    1. Lawyer in Lending Company
    2. Civil Law, Civil Process, Arbitral Process
    3. Legal aspects of Russian and International business
    4. Master of Innovation and Business Law in business projects of Russia
    5. Administration Law and Executive Branch
    6. Lawyer in State Apparatus
    7. Lawyer in Business, Authority and Protection of Human Rights
    8. Lawyer for Justice and Human Rights activities
    9. Lawyer for criminal proceedings
  • Legal Support for Public and Municipal Administration
  • International Law; European Law; International Law Practice
  • Civil Law; Family Law; Private International Law
  • Legal Support for Market Economy
  • Economical Justice
  • Financial Law; Taxation Law; Imposition
  • Corporate financial management
  • Corporate risk management
  • Management of Investment and Construction Activities
  • Management with Entrepreneurship in Hospitality
  • Foreign Trade of a Company
  • Management of Advertising and Media Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • International Sports Management
  • Management of tourism and recreation clusters and territories
  • Contract Manager
  • Management of Production Systems
  • General and Strategic Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance Business
  • Management in Mass Media
  • Management in Public Sector
  • Management in Art Business
  • Projects Management of Territorial Development
  • Digital design in management (information-analytical management)
  • Management of Business/Organization Development
  • Corporate Management and Strategic Business Development
  • Healthcare and Public-private Partnership
  • Management in financial institutions
  • Project Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Personnel Career Management
  • HR Management in Public Service and Corporations
  • Innovation-based management
  • Management of Logistics Systems and Processes
  • Political Management
  • International Management
  • MSc in Project Management
  • MSc in International Business
  • MSc in Global Leadership (+ MBA/MPA)
  • MSc in Strategic Communication (+ MBA/MPA)
  • Kingston MSc in International Human Resource Management
Public Audit
  • Public Audit and Control
Political Science
  • Political Management
  • Economic Political Science
  • MSc in Global Public Policy
  • Psychology of Management
  • Clinical Psychology
Public and Municipal Administration
  • Public and Municipal Administration
  • Innovative Technologies for Government, Business and Society Interaction in Public and Municipal Administration
    1. Public Administration of National Security
    2. Public Administration of Foreign Affairs in Russia
    3. Strategic Management in International Security
    1. Conflicts and National Security in Civil Society
    2. Migration Policy and Demographic Security
  • Fundamental Sociology
State and Municipal Administration
  • Public Sector Finance Management
  • Public Administration of Economic Development
  • Government Regulation of Nature Use
  • Organization and Management in Healthcare
  • Public and Municipal Social Policies
  • Administration of Northern Russia Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Public and Municipal Administration System
  • E-Government
  • Parliamentary Activities and Support for Inter-parliamentary Cooperation
  • Secure Public Administration and Corruption Control
  • Public Service and HR Policy
  • Management of Social Change
  • Strategic City (Municipality) Administration
  • Interstate Cooperation (with advanced study of a foreign language)
  • Administration of Culture, Education and Science
  • Administration of Education in a Region
  • Nationality and Federal Relations
  • Secure Inter-faith and Inter-ethnic Relations
  • Public Relations and Media Policies
  • Reputation Technologies in Public and Municipal Administration
  • Interstate Cooperation (with advanced study of a foreign language). The educational double degree program with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France)
  • Managing Projects and Programs
  • Management of Public and Municipal Governance Efforts
  • International Trade in Regional and Foreign Markets

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Theory and History of Culture
Historical Sciences and Archeology
  • Russian History
  • General History
  • Historiography, Source Study and Methodology of Historical Research
  • History of Foreign Affairs and International Policy
  • Theory and history of law and state; history of doctrines on law and state
  • Constitutional Law; constitutional procedure; Municipal Law
  • Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Private Law
  • Financial Law; Tax Law; Budget Law
  • Corporate Law; Competition Law; Energy Law
  • Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities
  • Administrative Law; administrative procedure
  • Civil procedure; arbitration procedure
Mass media and information and librarianship
  • Journalism
  • Social Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Culture and Philosophical Anthropology
Political Sciences and Regional Studies
  • Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science
  • Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies
Psychological Sciences
  • General psychology. Psychology of personality, History of psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Legal psychology
  • Developmental Psychology, Acmeology
  • Safety in emergency situations
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Theory, methodology and history of sociology

MBA and Business Education

Business Education (Doctoral Programs)
  • Doctor of Business Administration
Business Education (MBA/EMBA)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Executive MBA Antwerp Management School
Management (MBA)
  • MBA “Real estate management”
  • МВА Digital Banking and Finance
  • MBA Business, Accounting and Law
  • DBA Finance and banks
  • МВА Finance
  • EMBA Private capital management and luxury industry
  • Kingston MSc in International Human Resource Management
  • Kingston MBA
Top-Manager (MBA Program)
  • Management
  • Finance and credit
  • Logistic management
  • Marketing
  • Euro-Management “Master of Business Administration”
Executive MBA
  • Euro-Management “Master of Business Administration for Executives”
  • Doctor of Business Administration
Executive and Corporate Education
  • System of Efficient Company Management
  • Organization of Company Management
  • Management skills of Leader
Business education
  • MBA Finance + Master of Science
  • MBA Finance
  • Investment and financial analyst (CIIA/CFA)
  • Executive MBA
  • Applied corporate Finance
  • IFRS
  • Master in Financial Management
  • Professional MBA
Executive and Corporate Education
  • EMBA
  • Advanced Management
  • Leadership Challenge
Public and Municipal Administration
  • Current issues of state and municipal government
  • Current issues of control and supervision in public administration
  • Current issues of customs in the conditions of development of the Eurasian Union
  • Actual problems of Competition Law
  • Civil Law: Results of the Reform and Law Enforcement Issues
  • Business communication: public speaking skills
  • Communicative and organizational support of professional activities of civil servants
  • Compliance management: legal regulation and practical aspects of the implementation of the management and control system
  • Novels in the legal regulation of real estate transactions by Land and Civil Law
  • Organizational, economic and legal forms of combating corruption
  • The procedure of resolving conflicts in the public service
  • Legal support of the digital economy
  • A systematic approach to management as a tool for implementing government programs
  • Technical and legal quality of regulatory legal acts: legal and linguistic novels
  • Corporate governance of a joint stock company
  • Lawyer for Digital Economy
  • Specialist in compliance management

International RANEPA Summer Campus

Summer Campus is unique opportunity to discover new talents and develop the existing ones, meet new friends and visit Russia!

Summer Campus is an annual international educational project, which brings the best students from Russia and abroad together. This is a special youth environment for personal and professional growth, as well as the practical application of knowledge in the realities of modern economic and social space.

The project was created through the initiative of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Government of the Tatarstan Republic. The mission of the Campus is to create the necessary conditions for talented young people to communicate and form a new generation of intellectual elites in the country.

Within a few days, the students unite into small groups to make their own projects according to the stated theme. The event includes lectures and interactive sessions with leading scientists, government officials, and international businessmen. When working on a project, participants are able to use the knowledge they gained in the classroom, and are assisted by tutors and mentors. By the end of the Summer Campus, student groups present their projects, and the results are evaluated by a qualified jury. In addition, participants enjoy an extensive entertainment program.

Medical Center

RANEPA Medical Center offers a wide selection of medical services for students and officials within mandatory and voluntary medical insurance coverage.

General services:
  • Prehospital care – 24/7.
  • Diagnostics. Laboratory diagnosis: chemistry, blood, immunology, parasitology, clinical laboratory tests.
  • Radiology: diagnostic x-ray, US imaging, functional tests.
  • Out-patient medical care for adult population (without house-calls).
  • Out-patient visits: obstetrics, gastroenterology, gynecology, dermatology, cosmetology, cardiology, physiotherapy, neurology, otolaryngology (ear-nose-throat), ophthalmology, occupational pathology, psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, sports medicine, dentistry (therapeutic, surgical), therapy, traumatology, urology, physio, general surgery, phlebology, endocrinology, endoscopy.
  • Conventional medical care: therapeutic massage.
  • Expert medical activities: health checkups of drivers, driving license examination, professional suitability assessment.
  • Gynecology. Treatment: erosions, condylomata acuminata, leukokeratosis, menstrual irregularities, IUD introductio/ removal, birth control and family planning, treatment of climacteric disorders, DNA-diagnosis and treatment of urogenital infections (chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonas, ureaplasma, herpes simplex virus, etc.).
  • Dentistry. Painless dental treatment using modern equipment.
  • Laser therapy. Vein coagulation with laser using “Lakhta-Milon” apparatus to treat varicose vein disease; ingrown nail treatment, removal of warts, papillomata, nevi, pigments, fibromata. Keloid scar removal. Molluscum contagiosum removal. Outpatient surgical operations.
  • Shockwave therapy in traumatology.
  • Device cosmetology. Millennial’s generation ICE RF + IR-rejuvenation system. Techniques allowing to achieve stunning results in making your face young and figure fit. For patients aged 25-35, RF-lifting is preventive of skin aging. NEW MIDAS is the first ever system of cold radiolifting which is efficient, safe, and affordable.
  • Manual facial massage. Biomechanical stimulation of the face and body. Vacuum pore cleaning. Cosmetologist appointment for aesthetic, injectable procedures and machine cosmetology is free of charge.
  • Wide selection of physio procedures.

Emergency medical assistance:

Emergency medical care in acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases which are life-threatening to patients are rendered by RANEPA Center to foreign citizens irrespective of attendance mode and presence/absence of insurance policies.


Preventive (Initial) medical examination on check-in to the dorm or RANEPA Hotel compound:

Initial medical examination is mandatory for foreign students living in the dormitory or RANEPA hotel compound, and is provided by RANEPA Medical Center free of charge within 2 days of the arrival of foreign citizens to the dorm or RANEPA hotel compound. Please, consult authorized officials of the RANEPA subsidiary where you attend classes for the initial medical examination.

Registration of foreign citizens

RANEPA Medical Center provides qualified advisory, outpatient, treatment and rehabilitation services, and designate health groups for the admission to PE studies of foreign students when they have mandatory or voluntary medical insurance policies. Medical registration of foreign citizens is performed by RANEPA Medical Centre in the presence of the order for admission and compliant health policy. Please, consult authorized officials of the RANEPA subsidiary where you attend classes for the medical registration.


RANEPA complies with the national regulations on the accessible and barrier-free environment for people with special needs including facilities for visually impaired. Buildings on campus are equipped with ramps, special lavatories and special elevators. The doors inside the buildings meet the appropriate requirements. RANEPA staff and faculty members are specially trained to meet the demands of people with special needs.

All recreation facilities are accessible for disabled students.

RANEPA educational programs include special adaptive modules (courses) that allow forming special study path for disabled students. “RANEPA Regulations on providing of the accessibility for persons with disabilities”.

Additionally, there is a library which is accessible for all. It is equipped with the permanent workplaces for students with special needs.

Centre for inclusive education

Provided facilities for visually impaired people are available at the Centre for inclusive education, namely:
  • Refreshable Braille display Focus 40 blue
  • Braille embosser Everest-D
  • Scanning and reading appliance SARACE
  • Electronic hand video magnifier Visor SANED
  • MAGiС (screen magnification software)
  • JAWS for Windows (screen reader) speech audio class “FORTE”
  • Inductionsystem “Induction” port
  • PC-friendly facilities
  • Permanent workplace for students with special requirements

The Center’s mission is to create conditions for the provision of inclusive education services to persons with disabilities and special needs as part of secondary general, secondary vocational and higher education programs.

  • drafting the Academy’s policy in regard to inclusive education of people with disabilities and special needs as part of secondary general, secondary vocational and higher education programs;
  • building an optimal model of an inclusive educational environment at the Academy, which would provide for the maximum inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs;
  • coordinating efforts of the various structural units and branches of the Academy for the development of inclusive professional education.
Organizational and educational activities:
  • assist in organizing specialized registration of persons with disabilities and special needs with the structural divisions and branches of the Academy through their admission, training and further employment;
  • assist in organizing the collection of information (with written consent of the persons with disabilities and special needs) about the state of their health, and recommendations of medical and social experts or the psychological, medical and pedagogical commission;
  • provide organizational, psychological, technological, medical, rehabilitation and social support of the educational process, including for people with disabilities studying remotely;
  • assist people with disabilities and special needs in putting together individual educational plans;
  • develop formats and methods of social and pedagogical work with people with disabilities and special needs, and ways of resolving their personal and social problems;
  • organize social and cultural rehabilitation of people with disabilities, and support subsequent employment of graduates with disabilities.
Research and methodology activities:
  • conduct fundamental and applied research on issues of accessibility of professional education for people with disabilities, arrange pilot and practical implementation of these projects at the Academy, taking into account the current trends in the modernization of Russian education and its integration into the global educational system
  • implement the educational plans for persons with disabilities based on the recent education achievements and research, introduce active teaching methods, teaching aids and modern information and special educational technologies in adaptation modules;
  • compile and publish teaching plans, programs and methodologies aimed at better adaptation, inclusive education and support of students with disabilities;
  • develop and apply distance learning methods for persons with disabilities;
  • advise the structural units of the Academy and individual experts on the use of inclusive and rehabilitation technologies;
  • organize and participate in the training, refresher training and advanced training of specialists in accessibility of professional education for persons with disabilities: administrative and support staff, faculty, and social workers;
  • organize academic events (seminars and conferences) on the development and implementation of effective technologies for working with people with disabilities and people with special needs;
  • involve psychological support specialists, professionals using special hardware and software for training people with disabilities or any other specialists needed to comprehensively support the educational process of people with disabilities and people with special needs.
Outreach and coordination activities:
  • cooperate with structural divisions, branches and services of the Academy to implement inclusive training and support the educational process of students with disabilities and special needs;
  • cooperate with public authorities and local governments, as well as public organizations, to assist in vocational education and employment of persons with disabilities;
  • cooperate with educational authorities, educational organizations, the admission commission and structural divisions of the Academy for the organizational and methodological support of the admission of applicants with disabilities and persons with special needs;
  • participate in building a free information exchange network aimed at expanding the availability of vocational education to persons with disabilities, conduct sociological surveys, open events such as conferences and seminars, publish research and methodology, information and advertising materials;
  • cooperate, in the prescribed manner, with the media to form public opinion on the problems of vocational education of persons with disabilities, their socialization and integration into society;
  • create and support databases and special websites on issues of teaching people with disabilities and people with special needs;
  • prepare and implement research, educational and popular science publishing projects on issues of inclusive vocational education and problems of social integration of people with disabilities and people with special needs;
  • exchange experience and participate in international and Russian research and methodology conferences on the problems of accessibility of vocational education for persons with disabilities;
  • organize events to share experience and promote effective inclusive and rehabilitation technologies.


There is a pharmacy at RANEPA, located on the 1st floor of building 5, left site. Products sold there include over-the-counter drugs, health and beauty products, medicinal herbs, health food, and cosmetics.

Pharmacies are located around the city, many of them operate 24/7. They are located in almost every supermarket. However, few pharmacies have English-speaking staff, so it is advised that you know the generic (chemical) name of any medicines you need. Some medicines can be purchased only by medical prescription.

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