SibSUTIS was established in 1953 as the Novosibirsk Electrical Institute of Telecommunications (NEIT). In 1998 NEIT was awarded a University status and a new title – Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences (SibSUTIS). At present SibSUTIS counts 12.000 students, 450 teachers-researchers, 800 administrative and technical staff. It integrates university in Novosibirsk, 3 institutions in Khabarovsk, Ulan-Ude, Ekaterinburg and 1 college in Novosibirsk. The university comprises 6 departments (Computer Sciences, Automatic Electrical Communications, Multichannel Electrical Communications, Mobile Telephony and Multimedia, Economics and Management, Sociology).
SibSUTIS offers a wide spectrum of degree courses: Bachelor’s degree, Engineer’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctors and Doctors of Sciences. SibSUTIS trains students in the following key disciplines: Communication Networks, Commutation Systems, Optical Communications, Mobile Communication, Computer Sciences, Software, Applied Informatics in Economics, Finances and Credit, Economics and Management in Telecommunication Enterprises.

Research is carried out in 25 Departments and 60 Laboratories at the university. Most of teaching is done in Russian, but the university can host teaching in English for doctorate studies in Cryptography, Coding Theory, Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

SibSUTIS has already adopted the Bologna-style higher education system based on two main cycles (Bachelor and Master). Programs of the Bachelor and Master cycle are already developed and accredited. Development and adoption of the education two cycles system is one of the most important conditions for integration with EU universities, enabling mobility of students and academic staff and ECTS-based credit transfer. Implementation of ECTS in SibSUTIS has become an effective tool to create the clarity of curricula and make academic recognition easier.

Furthermore SibSUTIS provides distance learning, retraining and short-term courses of raising skills in fields of telecommunication technologies, economics, finances and business in telecommunications and informatics to Russian and CIS companies.

SibSUTIS has close and solid relations with the biggest telecommunication operators such as “Rostelecom” and IT companies. SibSUTIS actively cooperates with foreign telecommunication companies and firms. Among the partners are Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Huawei, Techcom Consulting. This cooperation has insured that the university possesses the best telecommunication equipment and software base beyond Ural. Leading telecommunication companies established their laboratories at SibSUTIS.

Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (SibSUTIS) trains specialists in information technology, communications and telecommunications. Graduates of SibSUTIS are among the highest paid among graduates of other Novosibirsk universities, and the percentage of employment of graduates of SibSUTIS upon graduation is one of the highest in the city.
The university was founded in 1953, located in the city of Novosibirsk.
The number of students simultaneously studying at SibSUTIS is about 6000 people.
SibSUTIS is equipped with a fleet of equipment that allows you to train specialists for almost all sectors of communications and telecommunications: design, development, construction and operation of various systems.
Wired, cellular, satellite communications, information security, programming, computer systems, television are far from a complete list of competencies and areas of interest that students of SibSUTIS possess and are interested in.
The university has organized scientific training centers, laboratories and departments of a number of well-known Russian and foreign companies working in the field of information communications.
Thus, all our students are engaged in original equipment CISCO, Nortel, Alcatel, in classrooms and research centers equipped by Eltex and Rostelecom, other companies, and gain first-hand knowledge.
SibSUTIS students, starting from the third year, are interested in Novosibirsk and Russian telecommunication companies, students undergo practical training there and often, upon graduation, receive job offers from companies.
The university is taught by doctors of sciences, professors, associate professors. Many of them are world-famous scientists.
There are five full-time faculties at SibSUTIS, and a faculty of distance learning. The University of Novosibirsk has a college of telecommunications and computer science. The university has branches in Yekaterinburg, Ulan-Ude, and Khabarovsk.
A great rarity in our time is the presence at the university of a military department and a military training center. What does it give?
At the military department, students of the Siberian State Technical University in parallel with their main studies master the military specialty, pass exams and take the military oath, leaving the university as sergeants and reserve officers, which removes all questions from the military commissariats.
The military training center trains current officers of the Russian army. In practice, this is a military school. UVC cadets study simultaneously in civilian specialties, receive increased scholarships, uniforms, and a guaranteed place in a hostel. UVC graduates are in demand in the Armed Forces of Russia and are distributed in the central military districts of the country.


  • Faculty of Automatic Telecommunications (ATC)
  • Faculty of Multiservice Telecommunication Systems (MTS)
  • Faculty of Mobile Radio and Multimedia (MRM)
  • Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering (ICE)
  • Faculty of Humanities (HF)

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