Ulyanovsk State University is a public, research university, located in Ulyanovsk, Russia. City of Ulyanovsk is situated on the Volga River, about 440 miles east of Moscow and has a population of 700,000. The university, one of the largest in that region, enrolls some 16,000 students in six colleges offering 68 majors and claims considerable international ties. USU was one of the first among Russian universities to join Bologna process and started to reform its Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s standards of degrees.

As a part of Moscow State University in State of Ulyanovsk, based on the traditions of classical education, was established by a resolution of Government of the Soviet Union in February 1988 (formerly Simbirsk People’s University, established in 1648). In 1996, Ulyanovsk affiliate of MSU was reorganized into Ulyanovsk State University. At present Ulyanovsk State University is one of the largest higher educational institutions in the Volga Region, which comprises six institutes, 7 independent faculties, 2 affiliates, 6 learning centers and many international study centers.

The university enrolls about 16,000 students, among them almost 200 foreign citizens from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Currently the university employs 1,254 faculty members, including 138 Doctorate and 623 Candidate of Science degree holders.

Structure of the university’s educational activity:

  • 5 institutes:
  • Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture (4 faculties, 28 departments,
    including 3 specialized, 13 specialized clinical departments, 1 division, Medical college, 4 centers);
  • Institute of Economics and Business (3 faculties, 10 departments, including 3 specialized, 3  divisions, 1 center, 1 academy);
  • Institute of International Relations (3 faculties, 4 departments, 4 centers);
  • Institute of Additional Education* (1 center, 5 divisions, courses);
  • Institute of Open Education * (2 divisions, 1 college);
  • 8 independent faculties:
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Information and Aviation Technologies (7 departments, including 2 specialized);
  • Engineering and Physics Faculty of High technologies (11 departments, including 3 specialized, 3 centers, Driver Training School);
  • Faculty of Law (9 departments, including 3 specialized, law clinic);
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies (5 departments, including 1 specialized, 2 centers);
  • Faculty of Culture and Art (7 departments, including 1 specialized);
  • Faculty of Transfer Specialties;
  • Zavolzhsky Faculty of Economics and Humanities *;
  • Faculty of Teachers’ professional development;
  • 4 divisions of secondary professional education:
  • Medical college (7 subject cycle boards);
  • G. I. Shadrina Musical School   (10 subject cycle boards);
  • Automotive technical school (6 subject cycle boards, 1 center);
  • Modern Open College «SOKOL» * (2 divisions);
  • Inza branch office (town of Inza, Ulyanovsk region) (1 department);
  • Novospassky representative office (settlement of Novospasskoye, Ulyanovsk region);
  • S. P. Kapitsa Research Institute of Technology
    (6 centers, 1 science and technology park, 10 laboratories, 1 special design bureau, 1 design bureau);
  • Competence Center  «Aviation Technologies and Aviation Mobility»
    (3 centers, 3 laboratories, 1 scientific and technical bureau);
  • 31 educational and scientific and educational centers;
  • Lyceum of Physics, Mathematics and Information science No. 40 affiliated to USU;
  • Specialized Pedagogics department of Pre-university education in Physics and Mathematics and Information technologies  affiliated to Lyceum of Physics, Mathematics and Information science No. 40;
  • a network of profession-oriented classes at schools of the city and region.

* — non-budget educational divisions  


Ulyanovsk State University offers affordable on-campus hostel Facility to the students. All the international students are advised to choose and stay there for the initial Years. The hostels are equipped with all the necessary items such as a bed, tables, chairs, shelve, almirahs Etc.


Ulyanovsk (in 1648-1780 – Sinbirsk, in 1780-1924 – Simbirsk) is a city in the European part of Russia, the capital of the Ulyanovsk region, standing on Privolzhsky hill, on the banks of the Volga River (Kuybyshevsky water reservoir) and the Sviyaga River, 879 km southeast of Moscow.

Ulyanovsk places of interest

Ulyanovsk can rightly be called a city of museums. Numerous museums offer exhibitions about the city’s history, culture and architecture. The history of several museums has its origins in the distant past, when Simbirsk scholars and merchants collected and presented to their hometown great cultural and scientific heritage.

The most popular museums in Ulyanovsk are:

Museum of the History of Civil Aviation – one of the largest aviation museums in Russia. It is located near the airport Ulyanovsk Central also known as Baratayevka (Mozhaiskogo Street, 8/8).

The Memorial Museum of Vladimir Lenin opened in 1941. The unique exhibition of the museum introduces the life and work of Lenin on the background of the political history of the Russian Empire in the late 19th – the early 20th centuries, his contemporaries, allies, opponents. The collection of lifetime editions of Lenin, illegal and forbidden literature, satirical magazines is very interesting (Lenina Square, 1).

The museum “Urban Planning and Architecture of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk”. This museum located in an old mansion was opened in 2001. The mansion was part of the estate complex and was typical for the architecture of Simbirsk in the middle of the 19th century. The exposition occupies seven halls (Tolstoy Street, 24).

The museum “Simbirsk in the late 19th – the early 20th centuries”. The museum is located in the former estate of the priest I.A.Anaksagarov. It is not like an ordinary museum. There are several thematic rooms: ladies’ room with a miniature dressing table, elegant bottles etc.; dining room ready for dinner of the 19th century; living room with an old piano and furniture (Lenina Street, 90).

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